Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Alicia Menendez

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On Jeremiah Wright, Mitt Romney Misses It

A GOP blueprint for a campaign based on guilt-by-association, character assassination and race-baiting

Will the Pro-Choice Movement Step Up?

With Nancy Keenan stepping down, will the pro-choice movement redefine its brand?

With Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Democrats Flip the Script

Now Democrats are offering up legislation that would actually increase the rights of working women and their families

Politics Pimps Cinco de Mayo

For politicos, the 5th of May has become an annual opportunity to push a political agenda

How Reliable Are Young Voters Anyway?

Just because 6 in 10 young people say they are registered to vote does not mean they are unreliable

John Edwards’ Wife Didn’t Scare Him, So Why the Feds?

This case is not about campaign finance violations. It's about people who will always find ways around the system

SB 1070: On a Collision Course With Demographics

Politic365 talks with immigration policy expert Angela Kelley about SB 1070

Note to Rubio: Don’t Outshine Master Mitt

Marco Rubio can't help himself: he desperately wants the spotlight

Republicans Trip Up Rubio’s Smooth Move

Republicans want to cook up their own DREAM Act - but, leave their favorite Latino out to dry

Tax Day Politics Put Buffet Rule on Ice

But Democrats succeed in starting a larger conversation about two competing visions for America