Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro was born in Nicaragua. In 1980, as a result of the Sandinista revolution, she and her family immigrated to the United States.

Ms. Navarro is a graduate of the University of Miami. In 1993, she obtained her Bachelor in Arts with Majors in Latin American Studies and Political Science. She obtained a Juris Doctorate in 1997. She has expertise on Latin American and Hispanic issues.

She served as the National Co-Chair of John McCain’s Hispanic Advisory Council and was a national surrogate for the McCain 2008 campaign. She has played a role in several Federal and State races in Florida. Most recently, she served as National Hispanic Co-Chair for Gov. Jon Huntsman’s 2012 Campaign. She is a political contributor at CNN and CNN en Español.

In 1997, she was a special advisor to the Government of Nicaragua and in that role, she was one of the primary advocates for NACARA (Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act)

She served on Gov. Jeb Bush’s transition team and served as his first Director of Immigration Policy in the Executive Office of the Governor.


In 1999, she returned to the private sector and has represented private and public clients on federal issues, particularly related to immigration, trade and policy affecting Central America.


In 2001, she served as Ambassador to the United Nation’s Human Rights Commission and was a strong advocate for the condemnation of the Government of Cuba for human rights abuses.


She resides in Miami, Florida.


  1. Excellent work Ms. Navarro on Van Jones’ show.”Messy” . When R. Santorum asked twice : what has Donald Trump ever said himself that makes these folks uneasy ? , why did Van Jones or you not reference Trump’s specific statements during the campaign about requiring all Muslim Americans to be registered on a special register (for no reason other than their religion) ?

  2. You and Van should be more aware of the quality of your communications. Things in the world are more complex. We need leaders (v few) in the proper role to “deal and speak hard and strong” to those who do “chop off heads” (e.g., ISIL, sex traffic criminals, rapists, etc.). But talking heads like yourself and Van Jones (who make 100,000’s dollars a year) don’t have the right to cascade fear.

    Trump needs to do less of this. Still be strong— So, chill…. And let him to do his thing!

    On the other hand, you need to choose to communicate with more grace. When you tune into more grace, diplomacy and positive vibe….you will in tune with a happier, feeling about your emotional body and self love. BC when you communicate like you are doing….then you will bloat with fear and extra weight (you are v prone to this). Its one of your top karma lessons in this life time.

    Van on the other hand – has more denial in him. In a prior life, he victimized many people… Not clear if he will ever learn…. As he has gotten worse in recent years. God thought by him have mixed children he would have more compassion it does not.

    You are not – you have a lot of love and grace to offer. Especially young people. All the best

  3. Ana you are wonderful. Please keep it up. Don’t you think that once Trump got in and put a Bannon in there that the Republican big boys went to him and made him understand that he is powerless without cognress and that they are running the show now and not him. There is no way he called in Romney. The Republicans could not get him in the White House so they will take next best thing. Do not know why a decent person like Romney would agree to work with Trump unless he was assured that Trump is not running the show. They have sent him back on the road where the circus barker belongs throwing red meat to the base. Why suddenly is he throwing his buddies out the door unless he is being told to do so. He is nothing without those congressmen. He has to dance to their music. Do not brag too much about that cabinet,not stacking up to help we the little people. Get CNN back on BanNon. Do not let the press give Trump a pass. Do not change one thing about who you are. You are a strong,beautiful,smart women. The thing that scares Trump the most.

  4. Hello Ms Navarro, great job!, keep @ it. I just found out that 3 psychiatrist (professors)
    have requested that Pres. Obama request a full examination of pres, elect with mental
    evaluation. I have been thinking that that guy is mental, & or, was on cocaine during
    the last “show” with Hillary Clinton, could have been a sane person pretending to
    be our PRESIDENT behave as he did, gross!.It’s long in coming but luckily not too late.
    All the best.MB

  5. Hi Anna: writing from Canada -so I have no US political party.Nice to see you stand up to many fellow republicans who are willing to lie and spin things to cover Trumps lies just to have power not keeping the voters in mind Neither US party thrills me as I do not believe in superdeiegates also.Why should their vote be greater than mine,that’s not a true democracy.As for Trump I would not have supper with this man even when he becomes president.Would I hire him as an employee,definately not as he is not trust worthy and I would not trust him with the companies clients.He would lie just to make the sale.Its easy to rip off people and become rich.I cant believe the country has hired him.You should all stoop to his level of thinking ,carry signs saying Two -tongue Donald your fired.Sad really as you have a beautiful country with no leadership.The country has put a reality TV person ahead of morals, values and what the United States constitution stands for. Obama and Regan both were classly and had a calming affect on the masses-I always vote for the candidate not the party as points of view should be able to be negotiated.Classless people will always be classless people and sooner or later the skeltons will rattle or inappropriate deals will be made.I support the American people as a Canadian but I will never support Mr Trump and I would not give him the time of day because I know most of what he says are lies or lies to cover lies.Hes not credible no matter what name tag you put on him.He is trying to get rid of the ethics committee,intelligence etc,very similar to what Hitler did.Hitler also got people working with large infrastructure projects.Feed the people and you can control them.Eliminating committees and not showing his ties via taxes,companies etc paves the way as a dictator.We all know he lies,why would there not be more transparancy asked for before he comes president.Pretty easy job interview with no checks or balances.He is going to have his own intelligence team look at the hacking ,like I’m going to believe that report.Also a dictator likes surrounding himself with army people because army people listen and take orders.Hopefully not the makings of another dictator with immigrant cleansing.I read right through this person,( he’s not a man,)the first time I listened to him Thankyou USA for being a good neighbour and hope for world peace . I could live with an empeachment.

  6. Good day Ms. Navarro,

    I am really disappointed that you can only find fault. Why not help those of us who need help. My husband who is really “Latino”, his heritage is Italian, but he is an American. Says what his father and many wise individuals say. “If you are smart enough to see a problem, than you are smart enough to fix the problem. Stop complaining, and help us fix America.
    I would be glad to sit down with you and help you understand what can be done to bring our nation into a great mindset. First stop fighting, and love one another. We are all unique.

  7. Ana, I am really thankful that you do not hesitate to speak up about Trump. You speak the honest truth of his ways. I am proud to be Hispanic, however, I do not feel that he cares about us. He has said racist things and has no compassion or empathy for those who have less than he does. I am amazed that his cabinet lacks a Hispanic (first time in 30 years) since he was only looking for the best and the brightest. Apparently could not find a fitting Hispanic! Some of his nominees certainly don’t appear to be the best and brightest, however, they are millionaires and billionaires, which is what he wants. My father came from Mexico at the age of 11, became a US citizen, worked hard in the fields, had 14 children but never had a handout or welfare. He worked until the age of 82. He was very proud that he had 5 sons who served in the US military. I was a federal employee for 35 years, my husband also served this nation in the US Navy. We have been good hard working Americans and this president does not make us feel very good or proud. Highly doubtful that he will change.

  8. Did you miss your chance to vote this election cycle? Did you vote based on erroneous information? If you could vote today, who would you vote for, and would it have made a difference? Check out to see.

  9. Ana, I applaud everything you do and stand for. Although I am traditionally a Democrat, I don’t believe in being a “knee jerk” anything. Your insights are refreshing, enlightening and so necessary to this discourse. You bring a perspective to every report that is honest, straight forward and at times challenges the worst of human nature that seems to rear its head when people become scared or uncomfortable with the facts. Keep stressing the truth and fighting for the public to have the access we need. Your passion is admirable, and I am forever impressed by your continued efforts to report what you see as you see it, with no filter of party or patronage. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do in the future. We need your voice!

  10. Ana,I’m glad that you are a fighter when injustice confront you and our democracy.I was getting so tired of partisan politics at any cost.Thank you for your passion and experience when you defend our freedoms and rights as American citizens .You have strengthened my resolve about righteousness

  11. Ana,

    I like you! But you are a bit much and at times unproductive and fake in your news about Trump.

    Rather you stand down on the digs.

    Let’s focus on ensure he brings good education, healthcare, safety, jobs and immigration policies that allow for legal immigrants to come here. You can still be productive without being mean and unproductive … lose the angry!

  12. Ana Navarro is a spoiled brat. She is not a Republican. She is a plant for CNN and the Democrats in general. Ana Navarro is a whack job. Just another emotionally unstable person who cannot get herself under control. Just another emotionally immature person who thinks everything has to go their way or else!

    Shame on her for being so childish. Our country needs adults in the room.

    • EXACTLY . . . when I hear her talking, it’s obvious she is far left. She speaks of Trump in a negative fashion, but would DARE never answer a question of their far left Obama. . . She is a hypocrite, and yes, she is an infiltrator. . . with barely a disguise.

      Navarro, GO JOIN THE DEMS, we on the right are aware of what you leftists are doing, and we spoke… 30 states agree!

  13. Ana Navarro is not as smart as she assumes. She is uninteresting, angry, immature, disingenuous, hateful, emotionally unstable, and generally ugly inside.

  14. anna navarro is a fraud. changes her support for candidates like people change underwear. lol..she should take her buttaface back to nicaragua and bash that hell hole where she came from. let her be the one to make nicaragua “great again” LMAO. they would throw her ass in jail. while she’s at it she should tell that moron tina fey to go back to greece where she came from and straighten out that mess over their. and lastly she should tell van jones the man who hates white people , that he is married to ex president jimmy carters brother billy carter,s daughter. so the big black activist has a white wife!!!!LOL WHERES HIS BLACK WIFE??? not good enough. bottom line, all fake news, all frauds.

  15. Yup..she’s an idiot. No respect for her…just keeps up her biased fact twisting talking points….can’t see the forest for the trees. I find certain people, like her, who apparently think they are brilliant, are so obvious in their biases and manipulations of the truth. They actually think they sound convincing and intellegent. They don’t realize how ignorant and obvious they are. They sound like idiots, and I find it hilarious, but sad that others actually are impressed by them. Those “others” are obviously dim witted as well.

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  17. Ana – what happened to you. You sound like an emotional unbalanced unpatriotic citizen.

    You lost all credibility with my family. We came over here form Cuba and live in KB (miami) w our beautiful 2 little girls (Iliana and Lily). Too sad.

    You could have been a great role model for my girls but now I don’t watch any more … you come away so unstable. Stay outside the country for all. Also better for your own health! Prayers you will find inner peace!