Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro was born in Nicaragua. In 1980, as a result of the Sandinista revolution, she and her family immigrated to the United States.

Ms. Navarro is a graduate of the University of Miami. In 1993, she obtained her Bachelor in Arts with Majors in Latin American Studies and Political Science. She obtained a Juris Doctorate in 1997. She has expertise on Latin American and Hispanic issues.

She served as the National Co-Chair of John McCain’s Hispanic Advisory Council and was a national surrogate for the McCain 2008 campaign. She has played a role in several Federal and State races in Florida. Most recently, she served as National Hispanic Co-Chair for Gov. Jon Huntsman’s 2012 Campaign. She is a political contributor at CNN and CNN en Español.

In 1997, she was a special advisor to the Government of Nicaragua and in that role, she was one of the primary advocates for NACARA (Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act)

She served on Gov. Jeb Bush’s transition team and served as his first Director of Immigration Policy in the Executive Office of the Governor.


In 1999, she returned to the private sector and has represented private and public clients on federal issues, particularly related to immigration, trade and policy affecting Central America.


In 2001, she served as Ambassador to the United Nation’s Human Rights Commission and was a strong advocate for the condemnation of the Government of Cuba for human rights abuses.


She resides in Miami, Florida.


  1. Ana Navarro, wittingly or unwittingly, has become a shill for Shrillary Clinton. Her diatribes against Trump are appalling. She should burn her party card, take her ball, and go home. If she can’t say anything nice about Trump, she should keep her fat, despicable, sore-losing mouth shut.

    • I am so sorry that Ana has become such a mean lady. This is not the lovely, smart, person from Nicaragua that I have enjoyed in the past.
      I watched her just now screaming & pointing her finger about Mrs. Trump’s Plagarism ……Ana, for God’s sake, she did not do anything
      Intentionally to “steal” words from Michelle Obama. It’s not a big deal,
      So now that a culprit has been found, let it go ! Go put on your little
      Jimmy Choo’s and wait for next week! Talk about NASTY… Wait and see how many ugly names are put on Donald!

      • Please tell us what hateful, racist, homophobic statements Trump has made. As for narcissist, well you could be right. He certainly has a big ego. But the others? What
        has he said that would indicate he is any of those things. Think back to the Orlando
        shooter. His father was at WHAT political rally? In a place of some prominence behind
        the dais. That certainly wasn’t a tribute to the 49 people killed and the many others wounded.
        YOU are the ignorant person handing out ad hominem attacks with no basis. Ignorant

      • Wait ’til the Cubans figure out that they are the criminals and special rights group that the Donald is planning to deport. I still believe that he combs his hair over a bald pate with 666 plainly showing

  2. Ana get off of your Trojan horse and help the Republican party elect Trump
    Do you know what it means for be a team player??
    Do recall that all the candidates said than any one on this stage is better than Hillary?
    Do you remember that ALL signed the agreement to support whomever was chosen?
    Be part of the solution, NOT part of the problem
    So you will be willing to have 8 years of Hillary rather than support the “Party Choice”
    “when the power of love over comes the love of power, there will be peace

  3. Ana Navarro is a joke and a Democrat at heart… she wanted jeb… give me a break. Listen to her comments after Trump’s speech at the convention… she is not a conservative. She sounds just like a democrat. Go back to Nicaragua Ana.

  4. So i watched Trump speak tonight, then immediately after I switched to the Clinton News Network, just to see what the opponents were saying. Well sure enough, Navarro didn’t disappoint. Iits clear unless you are part of the Bush/linton crime family, well than she has no use for you. Anna, wake up…America is not not will we let it turn into a 3rd world Urinal that you seem to desire, ruled by a tin pot dictator…like a Bush or Clinton. anna, hear me now, believe me later, Trump will win by a landslide. You and your Marxist pal Van Jones, who couldn’t win a debate with anyone thinking above the level of a six grader from Nicaragua, can just go away and save the poor CNN viewers from more of your verbal diarrhea.

  5. I commend Ana for emerging as a poignant speaker expressing the truth why Trump is not viable to be President. She is becoming a valuable advocate for Hispanic American voters. Ana, please keep up your effective work.

  6. Ms. Navarro, your comments on the GOP nominee’s speech tonight were spot-on. From the choice of Sheriff Arpaio to other coded comments about people of color, the air of divisiveness hung thick in the air. It’s clear you hit a nerve as so many of the commenters who disagree with you aren’t discussing substantive elements but using insults to “dispute” your views. Low minds, which reflect the current gorillas controlling what was once known as the Grand Old Party but is no more. You embrace traditional GOP values, the kind that resulted in the passage of the 19th Amendment, and this is the real history of the Republican Party, not what it has devolved into. The nominee is hurting us all.

  7. I like Anna. Maybe not what she has to say but how she verbalized it. I understand her message. However, I wish the commentators would stop talking at the same time. The Viewer can’t understand any of you. It would seem that CNN knows this.

  8. Ana, I am a Democrat but I am so proud of your integrity and the stance you took about Trump’s speech. I admire your intelligence and your courage. Don’t let the haters on this site get to you. Continue standing up to Jeffery Lord’s absolute blindness about his candidate. As a Hispanic woman, I am honored to stand with you in your disavowal of Trump as a legitimate candidate. He is not worthy nor is he competent to lead our country. True leaders inspire and unite. Trump diminishes the best of Americans and divides us with his hateful rhetoric. Proud of you for staying true to your GOP values, even though mine reflect a different political opinion.

  9. Ana-
    Thank you! Thank you for speaking out against this horrific fascist speech by Trump tonight. It was race baiting vitriol from start to finish. It was full of fear and alienation. You and Van stuck to your principles and called it out for what is so clearly was- disgusting.

  10. Ms. Navarro,

    I was moved by the honesty and urgency of your comments after the convention. I know you are a Republican (I am not) but I see your integrity and fearlessness – I only hope I could be as honest as you if I were in your situation. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep telling us what you believe the truth to be. By the way, I also love Van Jones and David Gergen …. but you are WAY cuter!

    • by the way …. so many of these posts are classless and hopelessly and/or willfully ignorant. I suppose you are used to it. Made me mad to see them.

  11. Ana Navarro should never be allowed on CNN or any other network ever again. She is unable to control her emotions and words. The way she tore into Jeffery Lord is inexcusable. Political analysts and reporters should be objective. I should not be able to tell who you will be voting for in the next election. If you are unable to do that, it’s time for a career change.

  12. It is a shame to see someone calling themselves a Republican on CNN bashing with a hateful anger the Republican presidential Mr Trump. These are not the real republican that love the country. She should not be on any tv channel including Trump hating CNN

  13. Ana…You brought tears…Yes..I, too am soo ashamed of what we have to offer up as a nominee
    for PRESIDENT…as a Republican..I now pray..harder and more than ever before for our country..
    and the message we are sending…This is truly NOT my message, either…How did we get so far
    off that BOTH candidates are so abhorrent and vile and untrustworthy? Thank YOU Dear Ana
    for speaking for me a silent minority apparently………Vicki Gemette

  14. Sra Navarro.
    Con todo respeto quiero comentar. Que no hay que salirse de linea , para llever la razor.
    Es diigno no perder los estribos. Que mal le queda perder la equanimidad.
    En otra nota quiero agregar, como dijo el apostol Jose Marti nuestro vino es amargo pero es nuestro vino.
    Margarita Sierra

  15. Dear Ana Navarro: Thank you for being consistent and can discern just what is being said and you do know who the Grand Old Party really is period! This is THE TRUMP PARTY…not the Republican Party – it’s UGLY. I appreciate and thank you for being so bold as to speak up…keep voicing your thoughts coming from deep within yourself. YOU KNOW AND SPEAK WHAT IS FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF BOTH PARTIES! Strength and civility over time grants us our freedom to think…we need to thrive individually! WE NEED TO THRIVE INDIVIDUALLY! TRUMP CREATES CHAOS AND CRISIS. mtg

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  17. In my opinion, Anna is a poor choice for CNN’s evening panel. She is so negative and loses her composure when disturbed by another panelist’s ideas. I work as a Board Director for a safety organization and we would never use her tactics in our meetings. She could never run for office with the reputation she is creating. I also don’t understand how, as a Republican on the panel, she talks so negatively about Mr. Trump.

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