Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro was born in Nicaragua. In 1980, as a result of the Sandinista revolution, she and her family immigrated to the United States.

Ms. Navarro is a graduate of the University of Miami. In 1993, she obtained her Bachelor in Arts with Majors in Latin American Studies and Political Science. She obtained a Juris Doctorate in 1997. She has expertise on Latin American and Hispanic issues.

She served as the National Co-Chair of John McCain’s Hispanic Advisory Council and was a national surrogate for the McCain 2008 campaign. She has played a role in several Federal and State races in Florida. Most recently, she served as National Hispanic Co-Chair for Gov. Jon Huntsman’s 2012 Campaign. She is a political contributor at CNN and CNN en Español.

In 1997, she was a special advisor to the Government of Nicaragua and in that role, she was one of the primary advocates for NACARA (Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act)

She served on Gov. Jeb Bush’s transition team and served as his first Director of Immigration Policy in the Executive Office of the Governor.


In 1999, she returned to the private sector and has represented private and public clients on federal issues, particularly related to immigration, trade and policy affecting Central America.


In 2001, she served as Ambassador to the United Nation’s Human Rights Commission and was a strong advocate for the condemnation of the Government of Cuba for human rights abuses.


She resides in Miami, Florida.


    • Richard Quest lol who was ARRESTED in Central Park with a rope tied around neck, his cock & balls; and drugs found in the pocket of his pants!
      And yes, like you I am so tired of the lies on CNN (Example: during one of the rallies in February, Erin Burnett said there were “thousands” of people lined up outside of a rally in Missouri; I was standing outside and when I heard her comment, I walked down the line and only counted 484 people) so CNN constantly ABUSES The TRUTH. It’s like Blitzer with his “breaking news” headlines from YESTERDAY; another arrogant little piss pot who is in Love with the sound of His Own Voice; a GAS BAG who constantly INTERRUPTS while others are talking (just like Carol Costello, Ana Navarro, Brooke Baldwin, Poppy Harlow). Hard to believe the people they interview continue to put up with this RUDE IGNORANT SHIT; if one of these twits INTERRUPTED ME, I Would just get up and walk out. #STOPCNN

    • I just heard Ana Navarro speak on CNN. One question I can not find in her bio, When did she become a US citizen? Can’t find the answer anywhere.

    • Ana Navarro is an example of crime/dishonesty pays. She has that anchor baby attitude. When dishonesty is chosen as a path to a better life, then your path is dishonest. No matter what level in life she makes no distinction between legal and illegal. There will be no lupe First Lady. Ana Navarro why is/was your country not worth fighting for? You are needed there. Mrs Mildred is your First Lady. Ana is less than smart.

      • I agree with you as well. She really has a chip on her shoulder and has NO respect for anyone unless they are of Latin descent. I am of Latin descent and she is an embarrassment. She sound like what would called a “pachuca”. Which is a person who is arrogant and screams racism at the drop of a hat, is all about La Raza (the race), supports unlawful situations, like supporting a judge to give a scholarship to an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT instead of to a LEGAL IMMIGRANT or an American citizen…..and she is a lawyer? Maybe she should be disbarred. How can a lawyer support intentionally breaking the law!! Is that how they operate in Nicaragua!! So embarrassing to have you, Anna, in our country. Go take a remedial course in immigration law!!

  1. Ms. Navarro, I mean no disrespect but you are mistaken about what Latino or African-American Republican candidates says about race in this country. Racism, while lesser than it has been in the past is still alive and well in the U.S. today. Inferring that those candidates are proof otherwise implies that any racist thought magically disappeared from the minds each person in the U.S., which is impossible. Who is president or running to be president has no affect upon the racist thoughts that keep racism going.

    In my experience as an African-American I have just as well been called a “nigger” by people from the Latino community as by white European descendants. And, I think you like many others don’t understand the scope of racism. It’s not just the mistreatment or dispariging of the opposite race, one can hate their own race. So, in my view it is rational to think that Cruz, Rubio, and Carson could be racist.

  2. As a Nicaraguan, I’m embarrassed by Ana Navarro, although her political view are not entirely surprising. She represents that faction of Nicaraguans who are still living in the 80’s, worshiping Reagan blindly, while at the same time loathing Jimmy Carter for not saving the Somoza regime from falling into the Sandinistas. People like her are incapable of having a nuanced view of historical events. Yes, the Sandinistas were, and still are, the worst scourge in the history of Nicaragua. But Somoza’s regime was in no way benign. My family was held at gunpoint inside their own home by Somoza’s National Guard during one of their many raids in an attempt to find and seize Sandinista rebels. Despite of that, many members of my family still to this day view the Somoza years with nostalgia and veneration. I suspect that Ana Navarro probably feels the same way. Similarly, the Contra rebels that Reagan supported were corrupt criminals whose only interest was their own ambitions of power, not the well-being of the Nicaraguan people. Reagan fueled a civil war in Nicaragua that led to thousands of deaths, mostly of young men who were recruited and given guns by both sides and sent off to fight without little to no training in the northern mountains of Nicaragua. Yet on Real Time with Bill Maher, Ana Navarro claims that George W Bush was no war criminal in Iraq because the true war criminals are people like the Sandinistas, which caused a mass exodus of Nicaraguans in the 80s, my family and hers included. What Ana Navarro fails to understand is that the Sandinistas were not the only war criminals, the Contras were war criminals too. And Ronald Reagan was the biggest war criminal of them all, because he was pulling the strings from thousands of miles away, while thousands of Nicaraguans died.

  3. We recently caught Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday night. We were ashamed that ana navarro was even allowed to be a guest on Bill’s show. She is delusional, bigoted and blinded by her own ignorance on how the real world works.
    We understand Bill’s point of a various panel, but it was evident everyone was appalled by her blatant disregard for mutual respect and dignity.

  4. Hello all,

    I had never heard of this lady untill I saw Bill Maher and I wish she would not have said that she was Nicaraguan. I feel like she brought shame to all of us who descend from that nation. How can a lawyer be so misinformed?

  5. Keep watching (over and over) Anna N. on Bill Maher and watched as she had her ass handed to her over and over on the show.
    Keep supporting Jeb “Buttplug” Bush as he pulled every low-class stunt to get the Republican nomination. BUT AMERICA SPOKE AND WE DON”T WANT ANOTHER BUSH, but more importantly we don’t want him. His father was useless, his brother was a liar and coward and Jeb is a clown.
    Maybe Anna N. cried as he quit and gave up because America HATES HIM and speaking as a
    South Carolinian, not everybody loves GWB. Most of us DON’T
    So, in closing, too bad you fled the Communists in Nicaragua and TOO BAD THEY DIDN’T GUT YOU LIKE THE WETBACK SKANK-ASS WHORE YOU REALLY ARE.
    One final thought, SHUT THE FUCK UP

  6. Anna,Kudos to You ! For the first time someone has upstaged Bill Maher on his own show and his crony audience .You made points that his snide comical remarks couldn’t cover-up.I don’t think you will be asked back because you could not be intimidated ,and You made Bill look Bad.Sorry you have to endure the name calling and profanity,but some people “HANDLE THE TRUTH !! “

  7. URGENT Ana, that you see the Bloomberg Politics report: “A Look Inside Trump’s Global Deals Exposes Trouble in Many Spots” written by Stephanie Baker and Tim Higgins. It came out today 2/24/16 at 1:00:30. and exposes his shady business dealings worldwide. I wish for Marco Rubio to see it as well. Many business people are coming forward globally to expose so many of the despicable business practices in which Trump engages. There is also the Florida condo story where Trump is purporting to sell Trump properties when they really are sold by other developers who receive licensing fees to Trump for the utilization of his name. I am revolted by Donald Trump beyond measure. How is his potential nomination happening to this beautiful country? I can forward the article to you if you cannot find it. He needs to be exposed to the fraud he is.

    • Earlier Trump was bragging about his new golf course in Turnberry, Scotland; another blatant lie from the liar’s own mouth. The TRUTH is, the people of Turnberry gave him so many problems, he never even started building the course! Trump brags about his wines, steaks, bottled water but what he does NOT SAY is that these products are made “ONLY” to be used in his hotels. His Trump tower in Toronto Canada is a disaster, glass panels falling onto the streets from the outside of the building putting lives at risk yet he claims no responsibility. Just one more Arrogant Gas Bag, quite like Wolf Blitzer and Ana Navarro!

  8. Like some of you i was introduced to this lady on Real Time and I agree she comes across as a little dim to say the least. Now after finding out she was involved with the Jeb campaign I can’t stop laughing. When the war criminal remark came up, instead of responding with a counter point, she goes off on this rant about leaving Nicaragua which had nothing to do with George W lying, and was a childish attempt to somehow sway an adult discussion by saying “poor me”.

  9. I agreethat navarro is a burden to the hispanic community. she is is rude, interupts permanently and quite frankly should not be on cnn

    it would be wise to find out more about her background in depth

  10. Ana may not be the smartest Hispanic. Fortunately her IQ is still far beyond most Trump supporters. Let’s clear the air of any doubt or BS. How many of you boys who support the Chump have a law degree ( even from Walmart U) or have “ambassador” (or can even spell it) near your name?

    • Or a degree from Trump/chump University!? You Americans are so easily “sucked in ” by people like Trump. If you think for one second he is interested in anyone but himself when he becomes President, you are all in for a rude surprise. He will likely be the cause of WWW III.

  11. your comment about cruz and trump today on cnn was totally improper and not called for when you compared would i rather choose leukemia or strep throat in comparing trump and cruz. as a leukemia patient i was totally insulated

  12. Ms. Navarro has shown by her statements that she is anti-Republican. She promotes a wimpy candidate like Jeb Bush who like his father would lead the party to defeat. It is time for her to declare her allegiance to the Democratic Party. She seems to want the Republicans to keep the same leaders who have failed to hear the desires of its members and wants it to return to the same Obama lap dog it has been for 8 years.

  13. Just got off my couch after hearing Ms. Navarro speak, with the usual emotion. However, her devotion to a party that has for many Latinos scratch their heads on inclusiveness, I will take exception-she was quite angry and genuine when confronting a lame GOP Rep-whatever his name, and outed him for a disingenuous support of the very political arsonist (Trump)-who’s been inciting the very crown that have come out like true roaches at his rallies. I may never be in line with Ms. Navarro’s support of her imploding GOP party-but, this was real and upset with the established GOP sycophants for excusing the inexcusable use of incendiary rhetoric by the demagoguery of Trump.

  14. My dear Ana, apparently you’ve been a prostitute for the wrong politicians way too long. If you cannot see the movement that is taking place ( no politicians allowed ) you definitely need to get your head out of your ass. You are on your way to being a has been so enjoy your 5 minutes of fame. Trump will be President. Do the math, or did they teach that when you where in school?

    • She is already a has been & a “nothing”. A complete air head who should move back to Nicaragua. And my dear American friends, Donald Trump (if you really seriously “listen” to him) is a Narcissist with an extremely bad temper; a man who insults EVERYONE with his vile tongue, threatens people, claims “Freedom of Speech” while not allowing anyone who DISAGREES with him to speak.

      CNN should be ASHAMED of themselves for allowing their own employees/reporters to constantly be disrespectful of their Guests by interrupting them ad infinitum; asking them a question then not allowing them to answer. And Poppy Harlow, Carol Costello and Wolf the Gas Bag are the most guilty!

      Dear America: Is this the type of person you really want to represent America around the world? I HOPE Not! He’s an arrogant, loud mouthed, pompous ASSHOLE and there are far better ways to change the Political system in your country!

  15. Hilarious watching her contradicting a LAWYER on CNN; and interrupting him while he was attempting to speak. SO TYPICAL of the MORONS on CNN that can’t seem to keep their mouths shut while other much more intelligent people are attempting to answer questions or to even speak. CNN is a GARBAGE station full of RUDE IGNORANT “reporters” who have Zero Manners and NO Respect for the people they interview.

    • I agree. Apparently they didn’t teach that at the University of Miami . So much for that education. Maybe she should ask for a refund or unless the tax payers paid for it.

  16. Ms. Navarro you should be ashamed of yourself;for how you lost emotional control this morning on CNN state of the union.I am a Cuban born US citizen and I left that country because of people like yourself wanting to force others to denounce Americans which they believe in and endorse!I agree with you that Donald Trump should act and behave more presidential like ,but we do have freedom of speech in this country and no one should be forced to denounce anyone they do not want to denounce ! If you don’t agree with that you should maybe consider going back to Nicaragua where you came from & where there is limited free speech!Thank You Dago Vila.

    • I agree with Dago. Very rude. Apparently they didn’t teach that at the University of Miami. Maybe she should ask for a refund on her education that is unless the tax payers paid for it.

  17. There will be no free speech in America if Trump is elected; he has people thrown out of his rallies if he doesn’t like what they have to say! He’s the most dangerous of all candidates since George Wallace and Americans need to use their heads for more than a place to wear a baseball cap backwards.

  18. Let’s put CNN out of Business, and here is how to do it!!
    Every Time they have a Guest on their shows, send the GUESTS a Twitter message asking them why they Tolerate having Interviewers constantly Interrupt and Talk Over them while they are trying to answer a question.

    These people on CNN are totally lacking in Respect or Basic Courtesy for the people they interview who obviously are much more Educated & Informed than any TWIT that reads from a teleprompter while attempting to pretend they know what they are talking about!


  19. Anna embarrassed herself today on State of the Union. There are two sides to this situation. No one is taking responsibility for the escalation of the protesters. I was so ashamed of what i witnessed and heard on tv Friday. But both sides were wrong!! I am not voting for Trump.

    • You forgot to mention Jesse Jackson Jr. From a Canadian perspective, it’s unfortunate so many Americans are being brainwashed by this racist, hate filled, cowardly, bully who says he defends freedom of speech even as he throws out protesters who don’t agree with his “opinion”.

      Trump is a mental midget who says one thing today then completely reverses his position by saying he didn’t say something yesterday. He is a PRETENTIOUS, NARCISSISTIC THUG who is only interested in himself! Is this WHO AMERICANS “REALLY WANT” to represent them and to embarrass them on the World Stage? This is the MOST DANGEROUS man EVER since George Wallace!!!!
      He CANNOT force Mexico to pay for a wall BECAUSE the wall HAS TO BE BUILT on the U.S. side of the border by International Law; secondly the wall would cost $300 BILLION and Trump does not have that amount of money. It is IMPOSSIBLE to “round up” every undocumented illegal in the USA because it would cost in the BILLIONS and it simply isn’t an attainable objective. He proposes to Violate the Geneva Convention (can’t be done); he proposes to tear up NAFTA (Can’t be done);
      he proposes to Levy a 45% tax on imports to stimulate jobs in America ~ can’t be done because it will create HIGHER PRICES on imports so unless/until the USA finds a way to LIMIT UNION DEMANDS for higher wages/benefits will products made in America EVER be COMPETITIVE (case in point, workers at Nabisco making $24 an hour which is a JOKE). So it is no wonder that companies that companies move their manufacturing facilities to Mexico, Japan, South America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan where people are paid dollars per day as unskilled laborers. UNIONS are the Problem, NOT the Solution and until North America as a whole disbands Unions, there will be NO Solution to the problem!
      We have the same problem in Canada; UNIONS SUCKING THE ECONOMY DRY, forcing ever higher prices for products with their senseless demands for higher wages; and WHO PAYS…the consumer pays through higher EXCISE TAXES even while Union Wages & Benefit Demands far exceed the rate of inflation.
      If Americans “pay attention”, John Kasich has the Best Economic Record of anyone running as the Republican Candidate for President!!!!

  20. Monday, March 14: There goes Scottie Hughes shooting off her big mouth again like a narrow minded MORON who has been BRAINWASHED by Trump. Dear Scottie, it’s one thing to be an IDIOT, it’s another to open your mouth and PROVE IT! What an AIRHEAD

  21. LOL Chris Christie couldn’t the necessary votes to continue his campaign so what does he do? He supports Trump. Ben Sanders (who talks with his eyes closed like a Psychopath) couldn’t get the votes to continue his campaign so what does he do? He supports Trump. Seems to me the list of LOSERS who “suspended their campaign are now supporting another LOSER. LOL

  22. Anna Navarro is very misguided. Early in the primaries she said she was a friend and supporter of Juan Ellis Bush – then he tanked. Then, she came out and said she was a friend and supported of Marco Rubio – then he tanked. She has absolutely no credibility with anyone, not even the Hispanic community who, by all accounts here, despise the woman.

  23. And the way she dresses, like stepping down from a scooter. Very unpleasant. On top of her uninteresting comments. Why do we have to see that face every day on CNN?

  24. Ana Navarro, we aren’t ready for you yet………!!!
    …….You aren’t TV MATERIAL……..

    –Were you a VENDOR at an open market in your other life………..???

  25. Anna has pent up anger she can not control. It comes out of her mouth like venom. She should not hold her position at CNN because she can never be objective. Clearly everyone sees this. She hates Trump for whatever reason, but she is far from professional.

  26. I like Anna’s spunk and it stops there. He bias and hate which she blasts Trump about is herself.
    She is not professional in her language, framing sentences, and thought pattern. It’s plain to see she was spoiled or an only child and can’t handle being beat in her case by Trump winning.
    I guess all the disruptions I gave is why you have her.
    Sad, just when I beginning to watch cnn again.
    You guys became more balanced the past year then went backwards over Trump. At least when you have a Trump representative give them at least half the time you give the others.
    COME ON!

  27. I like Anna’s spunk too but it goes beyond that. I’m a dyed in the wool democrat and will definitely be voting for whatever nominee the dems. put up against the republican candidate. That said, I want to sing praises to Anna for her willingness and “realness” for putting herself on the line when facing the horrible and crazy supporters of the bigoted, mean, and quite honestly, scary representatives of some of the equally as scary republican candidates. I disagree with her politics but admire guts and honesty. And, the comments about her voice. Why is it that women get criticized if someone does not like their voices but men never do?

  28. What bunch of haters, Ana is like all other Latinos going after the cry baby racist d-trump. Kudos to her and her attacks to all trump supporters . Especially Scottie Neal huge who looks like Caitlyn Jenner, so keep doing what your doing Ana you have people who have your back in texas

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  30. I just saw you on CNN and I applaud you for your speaking out against Donald Trump. As a Republican I commend you for speaking up and saying what other Republicans should be saying. What a pity, one stupid man is holding a whole party hostage.

  31. I think Anna Novaro is exceptional and when she spoke about Trump and his rantings about a respected Judge I was so proud of her. The passion as she spoke and how she said she would never vote for Trump, this is a woman of great principles and I applaud her. We in Canada watch all the US news, we even read newspapers still and follow world events. One can only wonder at what we are all in for if Trump wins, however, I have great respect for the American People, I have 2 sons who live in the US and have American Grandchildren and great US friends and many are just bewildered that this man may be President. Time for other Repulicans to show some balls and speak out………….well done Anna, I am a great fan of yours.

  32. Thank you very much for so accurately defending our rights here as Americans and bringing up our contributions to this country in time of war. Just count number of Congressional Medal of Honors and yes we do do put this country first. God Bless You

  33. Ms. NAVARRO We see you on CNN. I myself being a second generation Hispanic American and am very proud of seeing you when you speak up for Hispanics. Even though you are republican and I am democrate it shows that Hispanics are still very united. Sincerely, Roy and Cynthia Rodriguez

  34. Anna Navarro truly disappoints me. She really has a chip on her shoulder and has NO respect for anyone unless they are of Latin descent. I am of Latin descent and she is an embarrassment. She sounds like what would be called a “pachuca”. Which is a person who is arrogant and screams racism at the drop of a hat, is all about La Raza (the race), supports unlawful situations, like supporting a judge to give a scholarship to an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT instead of to a LEGAL IMMIGRANT or an American citizen…..and she is a lawyer? Maybe she should be disbarred. How can a lawyer support intentionally breaking the law? Is that how they operate in Nicaragua!! So embarrassing to have you, Anna, in our country. Go take a remedial course in immigration law!!