Politic365 is the premier digital destination for politics and policy related to communities of color. Not only do we create a positive media outlet for the empowerment and enrichment of our elected officials and community leaders, we also provide a venue for the exploration of issues important to our communities.

While our primary goal is to amplify discourse about communities of color, we openly welcome and encourage engagement by all audiences because the issues that affect us bear on the nation at large. We strive to bring to light a variety of voices and perspectives that are not typically represented by mainstream media. Most of all, we want to create a safe platform for the free expression of ideas aimed at productive dialogue in the political and policy arenas.

More than an online magazine, we represent the next level of digital engagement for America’s burgeoning minority communities. Each day, we publish original content to the site focused on detailed analysis and exposition of key local, state and national issues. Topically, we address political and policy issues related to the economy, healthcare, technology, energy and a variety of social and cultural issues, all from the perspective of minority communities.

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Kendrick Meek
Chairman of Politic365’s Editorial Board

Kristal Lauren High, Editor In Chief

Martin Pratt, Director of Digital Engagement

Lauren Victoria Burke, Managing Editor

Adriana Maestas, Senior Contributing Editor

Ana Navarro, National Politics Editor

Laura Berrocal, Contributing Writer

Jeb Bush Jr., Contributing Writer

Sara Ines Calderon, Contributing Writer


Alton Drew, Contributing Writer

Bill Edmonds, Contributing Writer

Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt, Washington Correspondent

Unai Montes Irueste, Contributing Writer

Dr. Jason Johnson, Senior Political Correspondent

Tania Lara, Contributing Writer

Jason Llorenz, Contributing Writer

Bederia Moore, Esq., Contributing Writer

Wendy Rivera, Contributing Writer

Samuel A. Rosado, Contributing Writer

Malik Shareef, Contributing Writer

Justin Velez-Hagan, Senior Contributing Writer

Calvin J Miller, CIO and Creative Developer