About Us

About Us

Politic365 is an opinion and policy blog focused on communities of color. Not only do we create a positive media outlet for the empowerment and enrichment of our elected officials and community leaders, we also provide a venue for the exploration of issues important to our communities.  We publish original content to the site focused on detailed analysis and exposition of key local, state and national issues. Topically, we address political and policy about the economy, healthcare, technology, energy and a variety of social and cultural issues, all from the diverse perspective of people of color.

Politic365 is a non-partisan website and our contributors have the freedom to express and expound upon their personal beliefs and ideals. Like Politico, The National Journal, The Atlantic, Roll Call, and a host of other online platforms, Politic365 seeks and receives advertising and sponsorships from a variety of sources, including advertising agencies, corporations, foundations, and non-profits interested in the subject matter explored on our site. We also partner with various media, civic, professional, social, civil rights and social justice organizations. The views expressed on Politic365 or during our events are solely attributable to the individuals espousing them, and are not influenced by the views of our partners, advertisers, or sponsors.

While our primary goal is to amplify discourse about communities of color, we openly welcome and encourage engagement by all audiences because the issues that affect us bear on the nation at large. We strive to bring to light a variety of voices and perspectives that are not typically represented by mainstream media. Most of all, we want to create a safe platform for the free expression of ideas aimed at productive dialogue in the political and policy arenas.

Interested in becoming a guest contributor? Email inquiries to kristal@politic365.com.

Story ideas, media inquiries and suggestions can be emailed to editors@politic365.com.