Privacy Is Not Dead

Privacy Is Not Dead

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Before a crowd of more than 150 industry, academic, legislative, and consumer-focused leaders, Bob Quinn, AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative affairs convened “Privacy in a World of Data Evolution and Convergence.”

The two-hour forum was host to technology and telecommunications practitioners, and while each had their own bent on the future of privacy in the nation, one thing was clear:  going forward, we need updated standards to adequately address the realities of today’s market.

.@JonathanTaplin: When I published my book, idea Google, Facebook might undermine democracy was controversial, but not so today. #ATTdcforum

— Internet Innovation (@IIABroadband) September 26, 2017

Conversation revolved around the ways in which technology, and the internet economy, has dramatically changed our understandings of privacy. What’s more, panelists were eager to discuss the ways that changing privacy standards and practices have impacted the value proposition that companies bring to consumers each and every day.

.@JonathanTaplin introducing concept of “Surveillance Capitalism” as underlying model for Internet/Tech Co’s #privacy #attdcforum

— Kristal High Taylor (@KristalHigh) September 26, 2017