Surge of Democrats Lifts Justin Fairfax and Ralph Northam to Victory

Surge of Democrats Lifts Justin Fairfax and Ralph Northam to Victory


The blue surge is on in Virginia. Will it be on in Georgia-6 as well?
Democrat Ralph Northam won 303,429 votes last night. In the 2013 primary: 78,476.
Democrat Justin Fairfax won 252,319 votes last night. In the 2013 primary: 68,542.
Republican Ed Gillespie won 160,039 votes last night.
Republican Corey Stewart won 155,716 votes last night.
Republican Jill Vogel won 151,849 votes last night.

Virginia’s voters selected attorney and former federal prosecutor Justin Fairfax, 38, as their nominee for lieutenant governor last night.  The victory comes after a vigorous grassroots campaign that included thousands of miles of campaigning from Southwest Virginia to Northern Virginia, through Richmond and down to Hampton Roads.

Fairfax received 252,319 votes and his closest opponent, Susan Platt, received 201,154.

There was also a wave of blue votes that carried Fairfax and Virginia’s sitting Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, to victory.  Northam received 303,429 votes, Tom Perriello, a Bernie Sanders inspired candidate endorsed by Sanders and Sen. Liz Warren (D-Mass.), won 239,383.

Fairfax was the favorite after narrowly losing a close race for Attorney General against a sitting State Senator, Mark Herring.  Herring is running for the seat again this year. This year, Fairfax defeated lobbyist Susan Platt.

Now Justin Fairfax is set to make history as the first African American to have a shot at winning a seat in state Government for the first time since the historic run of Doug Wilder in the 1980s.

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