Over 150,000 VA Voters Select Bigot Corey Stewart

Over 150,000 VA Voters Select Bigot Corey Stewart


He claimed the confederate flag “wasn’t about racism.”
He appeared at “The Old South Ball” and
He declared that Virginia was the state of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
He claimed liberals were “just like ISIS.”

Unabashed throwback to the 1940s Corey Stewart, running for the nomination to be Virginia’s Governor last night, received 155,716 votes last night.

Remember: This is the same Corey Stewart that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign tossed after growing tired of his right-wing antics – such as holding a protest outside the RNC HQ in October.

Let that sink in.

Stewart ran a campaign focused on keeping confederate monuments in place and restoring a certain “way of life.”  Whatever that means.  Even the conservative Virginia website The Bull Elephant listed ten reasons not to vote for Stewart.

As Blue Virginia publisher and writer Lowell Feld explained it, “Corey Stewart savages Ed Gillespie for alleged “human trafficking” of “illegal aliens” to benefit Tyson Foods. Seriously, though, Corey Stewart most certainly is a nativist bigot, neo-Confederate and all-around nut, but he does have a point about Ed Gillespie being a corrupt corporate lobbyist and a massive hypocrite.”

Stewart ran a nationalistic campaign that surpassed even some of what Donald Trump targeted in 2016.

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Lauren Victoria Burke
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