Trump Silent on Richard Collins, Taliesin Myrddin and Ricky Best

Trump Silent on Richard Collins, Taliesin Myrddin and Ricky Best


Imagine what the national conversation would be if someone with a Muslim sounding name stabbed a recently commissioned Army Lieutenant to death at a bus stop.

Can anyone imagine the incessant obsessive yakking on Fox News if two people were stabbed to death on a train by someone claiming to be inspired by ISIS? Trump would likely be tweeting about the problem of Islamic extremism.

Sean Urbanski, a member of an alt-right facebook group alt-reich nation, and Jeremy Christian, who appeared at a “free speech” rally last month to yell the word nigger and perform nazi salutes, murdered three people in the last ten days.

Note the lack of questions on “how they were radicalized” and what their parents were doing when all that radicalization was happening. None of Urbanski or Christian’s relatives or friends will be arrested. The murders will likely be seen as “lone wolf” behavior.

President Donald trump, who manages to comment on everything from the petty to the absurd, somehow can’t find a way to comment on acts of racially motivate violence in the U.S. Having just returned from a weeklong trip through the Middle East and Europe, it’s likely Trump will be too busy ending the daily White House press briefing to comment on the murders of Collins, Myrddin and Best. But he should.