Timeline Says it All as Trump Finally Meets His Match in Comey

Timeline Says it All as Trump Finally Meets His Match in Comey


The Trump Timeline. The presidency of Donald Trump is in freefall and Republicans are getting quieter and quieter as more news comes out at a moment when Trump may have finally met his match with career lawman James Comey. 

Yesterday the New York Times reported that the former FBI Director wrote detailed memos in real time of conversations he had with President Trump regarding the investigation around the contacts of Tump’s associates o Russia. Comey is known to keep detailed written communications of questionable interactions.

In this moment, Trump may have met his match as Comey has already shown he is afraid of nothing.  

Just look at the timeline.

January 27: Trump has dinner with Comey. This is the dinner where it was reported that Trump asked Comey to pledge loyalty to him.

January 30: Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is fired for standing up against the Muslim ban.

February 13: Trump fires National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

February 14: Trump has meeting with Comey in Oval Office alone where he allegedly asks Comey to “let go” of the Flynn investigation.

March 4: Trump tweets on being wiretapped at Trump Tower by President Obama.

March 8: During a speech in Boston, Comey says he will serve his full term as FBI Director.

March 20: Comey tells House Intelligence Committee the FBI is investigating Russia ties, Flynn and team Trump.

March 30: News breaks that Flynn is asking for immunity.
March 31: Trump tweets about the Russia investigation being a witch hunt.

May 2: Putin calls Trump and asks him to meet with Lavarov.
May 3: Comey testifies he is “mildly nauseous” to think his decision on Clinton’s e-mails swung the election.

May 8: Comey tells Senators he needs more resources for the Russia investigation.

May 9: Trump fires Comey. 

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Lauren Victoria Burke
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