Charter Communications Continues to Make Good on Diversity Commitments

Charter Communications Continues to Make Good on Diversity Commitments


As the first quarter of 2017 draws to a close, Charter Communications has opened its first bilingual call center and convened the inaugural meeting of its External Diversity and Inclusion Council, all in support of the commitments it made as part of its 2016 merger and acquisition with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable.

“Reflecting the vibrant diversity of the communities we serve enables us to deliver superior products and services to our customers and is a critical component of success,” said Tom Rutledge, Chairman and CEO of Charter Communications. “Our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond our growing workforce; it will be fully integrated into all aspects of Charter’s business. We are proud and excited to be working with the Council on this vital undertaking.”

The McAllen Call Center, located in Texas, is an outgrowth of Charter’s commitment to hire and train 20,000 new diverse employees over the next four years and reduce its reliance on outsourcing. As part of last year’s transaction, the company pledged to increase in-house and insourced jobs and create opportunities to work with more diverse personnel, both internally and as vendors and suppliers. The McAllen Call Center will directly benefit Spanish-speaking Spectrum (Charter’s new imprint) customers in 41 states, and will create 600 new jobs by the end of 2018, with 350 of those positions to be filled this year.

As one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing cable companies, Charter is bucking the trend of 90% of call center calls being addressed out of the country. The company is adhering to its commitments and helping to establish a new standard for American-sourced talent that can meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base.

At the same time, Charter’s convening of its External Diversity and Inclusion Council, chaired by National Urban League President & CEO Marc Morial, is also aimed at ensuring greater equity within the company. Along with Morial, the Council is comprised of eleven diverse representatives of the civil rights, social justice, and business community, covering African American, Hispanic, and Asian American constituency groups.  The group is tasked with providing Charter counsel on its strategy to increase diversity and inclusion in the areas of corporate governance, workforce, procurement, and programming company wide.

“Charter’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was clear when we signed the MOU,” said Morial.  “I, and the entire council, look forward to working with Charter and providing valuable guidance as they implement and establish new best practices in Diversity and Inclusion, supporting customers across the U.S.”