Would Paul Ryan Put Himself and His Family on #Trumpcare?

Would Paul Ryan Put Himself and His Family on #Trumpcare?


“We can’t treat ourselves as a special governing class.” Back in 2013 during the government shutdown, Rep. Kevin McCarthy said members of Congress should get no special treatment and perhaps be on Obamacare without subsidies. Really?

Then there was an amendment offered by former Louisiana Sen. David Vitter to place all members of staff on Obamacare. 

So here’s a question: If Trumpcare is so great and Speaker Paul Ryan believes it will work so well someone should ask him and Rep. Ron DeSantis and everyone else voting for the GOP health care bill if they will place themselves and their family on the GOP health care plan.


  1. Mr Paul Ryan
    I would like to ask if you would consider becoming a member of trump care
    since it is such a good alternative to Obama care why don’t you and your family
    sign up and let the public know how it works for You and your family. What bettet
    way to show people how good the health care plan is also maybe some of your
    buddies can sign up too like Mr Ron DeSantis and his family too.
    Thank you a concerned citizen