Rep. Adams, Making NC Rounds, Has Powerful Vision for Charlotte

Rep. Adams, Making NC Rounds, Has Powerful Vision for Charlotte


In the days following Presidents Day, Congresswoman Alma Adams, D-NC, is keeping a busy slate with stops around the state. After having passed a bill to dedicate Winston Salem’s Center City Post Office to the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Rep. Adams will take part in a commemoration ceremony during this last full week of Black History Month. She also has plans to join Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and City Councilwoman Patsy Kinsey for the grand opening of Horizon Development Properties, a Charlotte Housing Authority Affiliate that will provide 92 new senior housing units in the Queen City. Adams will close out this District week with a visit to the monthly meeting of the Homeless Services Network to discuss housing affordability and issues of homelessness in the 12th congressional district. 

Since her landslide 2016 reelection victory (Adams defeated her Republican rival Leon Threatt with 67% of the vote) after what was a hotly contested Democratic primary in a newly redrawn district, Congresswoman Adams has been a vocal and ardent support of greater equality and economic opportunity for the residents of Charlotte.

Just last week, she spearheaded an effort among fellow members of Congress to put forth H.Con.Res. 25, a resolution decrying President Donald Trump’s travel ban. “Congress must step up and make it clear to the world that we will not turn our backs on people desperately seeking refuge and we will reject all attempts to codify discrimination and bigotry,” she said upon introducing the resolution. “The refugee community, and all in the 12th District, can rest assured that I will continue to make our concerns and our voices heard in Congress.” The resolution was cosponsored by Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI), Rep. Yvette Clark (D-NY), Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), Rep. James McGovern (D MA), and Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL).

Adams, who sits on the House Education and Workforce Committee, was also adamant in expressing her recent displeasure with the confirmation of Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education. “Her lack of qualifications and understanding of federal education policy has caused unprecedented national outcry,” she said, while noting Devos’ “disapproval crossed party lines [and] Vice President Pence had to cast a historic tie-breaking vote to secure her confirmation after multiple Republican Senators refused to support her.” Adams, a lifetime educator herself prior to serving various roles in elected office over the past 32 years, from school board member to state legislator, and now member of Congress, vowed to “continue to hold DeVos and the Department of Education accountable because the future of our nation depends upon the success of our public education.”

Nowhere was Adams’ passion for North Carolina’s District 12 clearer, however, than during her State of the District Address, a speech delivered to a standing-room only crowd of more than 200 people. Championing a mantra of “We are ‘One Meck,'” Adams propounded a vision of equity and inclusivity that touches all of the more than 750,000 residents of Mecklenburg County, who, she says, “regardless of zip code and party affiliation, want stronger schools for our children, greater opportunities for our families, and continued job and economic growth.”

Proclaiming “that we have a moral obligation to end hunger and homelessness and to make healthcare a basic right for everyone,” Adams acknowledged “we come from points far and wide – but our core values and priorities remain the same.” Those values and priorities remain clear: jobs matter, improving transportation across this growing district is a priority, affordable housing and healthcare are key, as are “continuing to enhance our public education system, working to drive down crime rates and drug use, and addressing upward mobility.”

Congresswoman Adams has a bold vision for Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, and it’s clear she’s ready to do her part “to plant seeds of hope today to enrich our children’s future.”