Reps. McEachin, Sewell Release Striking Statements on Why They Will Skip Trump’s...

Reps. McEachin, Sewell Release Striking Statements on Why They Will Skip Trump’s Inaugural


Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL), who represents Selma, Alabama wrote she will not attend Donald Trump’s inauguration.  She was joined by new Virginia congressman Rep. Don McEachin (D-VA).  Both of their statements were striking to say the least.

“Upon prayerful deliberation, I have decided not to attend the inauguration of the 45th President.  While I have a profound respect for the office of the President, and I accept the results of the election, I simply cannot accept the blatant disrespect shown by President-elect Trump towards American civil rights icon, my colleague, friend and mentor, the Honorable John Lewis,” Sewell wrote.

Sewell is the 52nd House Democrat to announce she will not attend the inaugural.

In another released today, freshman member of the House Rep. Don McEachin wrote, “I have never seen a campaign that was based so much on hatred. I have never seen a campaign where a foreign power intervened to get one candidate elected and where the candidate did not even acknowledge, let alone condemn this behavior.

I’m not sure what there is to celebrate. The continued hatred and insults even long after the campaign is over is unacceptable.  He should have begun to bring people together the day after the election, and he has not started yet. I have a train ticket, but unfortunately, it has come to this. The comments about John Lewis were just the final example.  He insults and denigrates a man who is a true hero, who has dedicated his life to civil rights, human rights and equal justice, who has shed blood for these values. I simply cannot participate in this celebration of pomp, pageantry and parade,” wrote Rep. McEachin.

“On Friday morning, I will be with the Governor and the National Park Service to announce their grant to Third Street Bethel AME Church.  As I have said repeatedly during the campaign, my focus is on my constituents,” McEachin added.

Rep. Sewell also invited Trump to her district.

“I sincerely hope that upon his ascension as our President, that President Trump will choose to build bridges,” Sewell wrote. “There is a bridge in my district where we all can gain inspiration, and I invite President Trump and Congressman Lewis to join me in visiting Selma to walk hand-in-hand across that bridge as one nation, indivisible and united,” she concluded referring to the Edmund Pettus Bridge which is in her district.

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