Mr. Nice Guy Strikes Again: Why Hasn’t Obama Asked Comey to Resign?

Mr. Nice Guy Strikes Again: Why Hasn’t Obama Asked Comey to Resign?


It’s obvious: The stupidity of FBI Director James Comey cost Hillary Clinton the presidency.  Clinton’s poll numbers dipped shortly after Comey released a letter to member of Congress on October 28, 2016.  It’s clear now swing voters were swayed.

Before Comey’s letter to “update” Congress for no reason, the discussion around the 2016 race for the presidency centered around how many electoral votes Clinton would win by. After, the race narrowed in the polls to a point where Trump was within the margin of victory.

Team of Rivals. in his everlasting quest to win the love of those who will always hate him, President Obama appointed James Comey, a Republican, to be Director of the FBI and he was sworn in on September 4, 2013.  Why was a Democratic president selected a Republican to be FBI Director?  Comey would go on to do the predictable.

In February 2015, during a speech at Georgetown, Comey said Irish Americans got bad treatment from police when they arrived in America, then said, “police officers on patrol in our nation’s cities often work in environments where a hugely disproportionate percentage of street crime is committed by young men of color. Something happens to people of good will working in that environment. After years of police work, officers often can’t help be influenced by the cynicism they feel. A mental shortcut becomes almost irresistible.”

Then in April 2015, Comey said something stupid about Poland and the Holocaust. Then in September 2016, Comey said Black Lives Matter was “uninformed.”  Meanwhile Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch weren’t bothering to compel local police departments to actually count the people who die in their custody.  There’s not enough info, Comey said.

“All of those conversations are uninformed today. They are all driven by anecdotes because as a country, we simply don’t have the information to know: Do we have an epidemic of violence directed by law enforcement against black folks? Do we have an epidemic involving brown folks, white folks? We just don’t know. And in the absence of that data, we’re driven entirely by anecdotes. And that’s a very bad place to be.”

All the above verifies that a Democrat nominating a Republican for FBI Director was a political mistake — one of the worst by President Obama. The question remains: Why hasn’t Obama asked for his resignation?


  1. Thanks for keeping this issue alive.
    Who actually has authority to fire Comey, President Obama or Loretta Lynch?
    By all appearances Comey violated the Hatch Act, which exists to prevent people from getting fired when a new party comes into office. The trade off is that public employees steer clear of political action or comment: no bumper stickers, no holding office in a local political committee & of course no discussing politics with clients or in any public environment.
    Comey underhanded? Of course.