Altice Offers Lightening Fast Broadband Speeds, In Advance of FCC Commitment

Altice Offers Lightening Fast Broadband Speeds, In Advance of FCC Commitment


Altice USA, a subsidiary of cable, media, and entertainment company Altice Group, recently announced its decision to offer ultra-high speed broadband to customers in its New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut footprints. The company, which became the fourth largest cable company in the country after acquiring Cablevision earlier this year, serves 4.6 million customers across 20 states, with the highest concentration of customers located in the tri-state area.

The recent announcement of this boost in service from a prior maximum of 101 Mbps to 300 Mbps downstream for residential customers and 350 Mbps for business customers comes 14 months before the company was required to meet the speed increase requirement the Federal Communications Commissions’ instituted prior to final approval of this merger. The increase, which was said to help meet the public interest case for the merger, replicated what Altice was already doing in New York.

“Altice USA is excited to launch significantly faster speeds across the Optimum footprint, made possible by investment in our superior network and infrastructure,” said Dexter Goei, Chairman and CEO of Altice USA. “We are particularly pleased to be able to meet our public interest commitments more than one year ahead of schedule. Across the globe, Altice’s business model is centered on delivering the most advanced technology and capabilities. Today’s accelerated introduction of faster Optimum broadband speeds marks only the beginning of the new products and service enhancements that we plan to bring to our customers in the U.S.”

Altice acquired Cablevision less than four months ago, and it’s already meeting some of the key commitments the FCC requested, incident to the merger with Cablevision. In addition to increasing its speed thresholds, Altice is also making sure that its offerings are more affordable. In addition to this fastest service tier, Altice offers service at 200 Mbps for less than $65 a month. Customers can get service at 60 Mbps, twice as fast as the FCC threshold for “broadband,” started at $44.95 per month. “Altice committed to build out faster broadband by the end of 2017, and now has done so over a year ahead of schedule,” said FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. “I am always pleased when a company abides by, and indeed exceeds, its merger commitments, particularly when it means better broadband for millions of Americans.”

Recognizing the important precedent this service offering creates, Multicultural Media Telecom & Internet Council President & CEO Kim Keenan said, “when it comes to the internet, speed is everything.  Altice has exceeded its own projections by building out faster broadband even faster.  This is how we will connect every American so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our digital economy now.” Even for folks on the ground, this new service expansion is a game changer. “The introduction of faster internet speeds by Altice USA is a major step forward for Optimum customers in the Bronx,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “We are pleased to witness Altice USA’s commitment to our borough’s connectivity needs and we look forward to an on-going partnership and the continued delivery of quality telecommunications services to our residents and businesses.”


  1. Really, I work for this company. What a bunch of bull. Would they have us believe this was not already possible before the acquisition. Cablevision held off to make them look good.

    • Well, the government was silly enough to think that, in a market place where Verizon is a direct competitor at this speed, that we were not already pushing speeds this fast.

      This isn’t the first time the Government has considered a silly benchmark that was going to be hit well before they thought it possible.

      The FCC, for example “Mandated” that by 2020 Internet service MUST be AT LEAST 100mbps of it can’t be called “Broadband” anymore….

      Yeah, it’s 2016 and Optimum’s “middle of the road” service is already 60mbps.

  2. They say they are selling you faster speeds, but I guarantee that’s not what you will get. With No investment in Infrastructure and the continued practice of laying off employees and the culture of fear Altice has created, this product is not ready and as more customers add this to their service it will get worse and worse. Buyer beware.

    • This product has been in development long before Altice picked up Cablevision.

      As someone who has 200mbps, it’s very fast and easily hits those speeds on a fairly regular basis.

      Oh, and lastly, no investment in Infrastructure? Good Lord that’s the only expense the company has outside of Provider Contracts and HR. What do you think they spend all their money on? The Knicks?

  3. Total BS! The technology was already there. What this article doesn’t tell you is that they can only provide faster speeds to non-Static IP customers. What about Static IP customers the ones who need it?????????

    • This is a temporary situation, I’m sure.

      The issue is that the Static IP Routers that Optimum provides have 100mbps connections, which in the past were always faster than WAN connections…

      but with Business class getting speeds up to 350mbps I’m sure newer static routers are going to be coming down the pipe.