Liz and Hill, Shattering the Glass Ceiling!

Liz and Hill, Shattering the Glass Ceiling!


Hillary Clinton is not only the presumptive Democratic nominee, she’s the first woman to achieve this feat. Now she has to pick a Vice Presidential running mate. At first I thought, she should pick a young, charismatic Latino.   Then I thought #FeeltheBern, pick Bernie. But not anymore!

Everything about this campaign is different.  It’s historic and her opponent is a political outsider with no policy proposals, spewing language of division. Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims, a Mexican judge and now about the horrific Orlando mass shooting are fueling division within the Republican Party. As he does this, Clinton has cracked the ceiling and is about to shatter it. Why not do it with a woman on the ticket and bring it down on the division of hate that Trump and his followers espouse?

The woman I would like to see on the ticket last week gave a fiery, passionate speech at the American Constitution Society. She attacked Trump with unabashed honesty in the type of speech many of us have been waiting for. In that speech she said referring to a lawsuit brought forward by students who attended Trump University, “Now, some of these people are fighting back because in America we have the rule of law. And that means no matter how rich you are, no matter how loud you are, no matter how famous you are, if you break the law you can be held accountable. Even if your name is Donald Trump!”

I like having two passionate, strong women on the ticket. Warren’s speech got my attention, like Hillary’s emotionally charged speech supporting Obama in 2008 did. In Hillary’s speech, she talked about defying the odds and how one of her heroes, Harriet Tubman, during one of America’s darkest periods told slaves she was guiding to freedom, that when the slavecatchers got close, keep going.

“If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If they’re shouting, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”

She capped her speech with “before we keep going, we have to get going by electing Barack Obama, President!” Now in 2016, before we get going, we have to get going and show the world, that despite our division two women on a ticket can win!

Just as Bernie excited young voters, Warren will do the same. She’s a champion of the people much like Bernie and in her speech at the American Constitution Society, she proved she can jab with Trump, calling him “a thin-skinned racist bully.” With Elizabeth on the ticket, Hillary can focus on telling us her story that is deeply rooted in contradictions society created.

When I met Hillary in Iowa, her handshake, smile, eyes and the confidence she exudes make her feel taller than she is. It made me respect her more for withstanding the mudslinging she’s endured the past forty years. Many men would have retreated but not Hillary, she’s not shying away.  She just keeps going! That’s what you want from your President, isn’t it?

Don’t we need a president who is battle tested? Before the world knew Hillary, as First Lady of the United States, she was the First Lady of Arkansas. After serving as First Lady, she became the first female US Senator from New York and then the second woman to be a United States Secretary of State.

Before she was Hillary Clinton, or Hillary Rodham Clinton, she was Hillary Rodham.  As a young thirteen year old girl knocking on doors during the 1960 presidential election, she found evidence of voter fraud against Republican candidate Richard Nixon.  Fourteen years later, she was an attorney on the impeachment inquiry staff that led to the resignation of President Nixon.

In 1975, after a remarkable stint in Washington, she moved back to Arkansas and married Bill Clinton.  There she blazed an enviable career path that ruffled feathers in Arkansas because she kept her maiden name, Rodham.   Just one of several simple traditions she challenged. By the time, Bill was defeated in his re-election bid for Arkansas governor in 1980, she’d become the first female full partner in her law firm and given birth to their daughter, Chelsea.  When he successfully ran for reelection in 1982, she was the pillar of independence. Even making more money than her husband. She contradicted this independence, taking a leave of absence from her firm to support his campaign and to soften Arkansans concern, she used the name Hillary Clinton.

After the election, she used Hillary Rodham Clinton and took less pay than partners at her firm. She sat on boards, supported education initiatives and became the first female member on the Board of Directors for Wal-Mart.  Talk about shattering glass ceilings!

In 1992, when her husband ran for president she took on the traditional wife role. When news of his extramarital affairs broke, I watched her Sixty Minutes interview singlehandedly get his campaign back on track.

That’s a glimpse of past, present and future Hillary. Like chapters in a book, each phase of her life, Hillary Rodham, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Hillary Clinton has a story. She’s been challenged and proved time and again, she is resilient like millions of women every day balancing the home and the office. I want to hear her story from childhood to diplomat, grandmother and future President of these United States.

That’s why Hillary should pick Elizabeth Warren. With her on the ticket, she is showing that a woman can do it her way. If you are going to rewrite history and inspire millions of women, young girls and men, shatter the ceiling by doing it your way! She and women have earned that right. There’s one more ceiling to shatter! Elizabeth Warren can help her shatter this one and we all can help rain glass down on Trump’s wall!