Tech Pushback: Paypal Ends NC Expansion Over Anti-LGBT Law

Tech Pushback: Paypal Ends NC Expansion Over Anti-LGBT Law


Backlash. Last week Republican lawmakers in North Carolina — led by Gov. Pat McCrory — rammed through House Bill 2 and made it law.  The bill prevents individual cities in North Carolina from protecting gays from discrimination.  The law was passed to stop cities in North Carolina from allowing transgender people from using facilities that don’t match the sex they were at birth.

As a result there has been backlash and the interconnected political power of the gay lobby is seen as it was after Republicans in Indiana became overly involved in passing a law that allowed businesses decline service based on sexual orientation without fear of prosecution. Indianapolis’s convention and tourism organization lost $60 million in revenue after Republicans passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

In a duplication of the Indiana fiasco, North Carolina may get a look at what it’s like to run in the wrong direction politically.  The well known online payment company PayPal has announced that it will withdraw plans to open an operations center in Charlotte, N.C. Paypal is making the move in reaction to the overturning of local law that would have allowed transgender people to use public facilities that match their gender identity.

Charlotte, was expected to bring at least 400 jobs to Charlotte, according to a report in the Associated Press.