Civil Rights Leaders to Meet With Sanders

Civil Rights Leaders to Meet With Sanders


Today in Washington, D.C. at the headquarters of the National Urban League, civil rights leaders will meet with presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (i-VT). The leaders met with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday in New York.

Today’s meeting will be followed by a meeting with President Obama at the White House and a Black History Month reception.  The President is expected to discuss justice reform with the group.

According to a White House source on background, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch will also attend the meeting at the White House. The meeting is described as a “first-of-its-kind” event because the President will convene leaders from different generations.  A list of attendees includes younger leaders as well and not just legacy groups. 

Attending the meeting with the President at the White House will be Aislinn Pulley, Co-Founder and Lead Organizer with Black Lives Matter Chicago, Brittany Packnett, Member of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Co-Founder of We The Protestors and Campaign Zero, Carlos Clanton, President of the National Urban League Young Professionals, Deray McKesson, Co-Founder of We the Protestors and Campaign Zero, Deshaunya Ware, Student Leader of Concerned Student 1950 at University of Missouri, Mary Patricia Hector, National Youth Director of the National Action Network and Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color of Change.

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Lauren Victoria Burke
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  1. NOT a single one of these “NEGRO” leaders have asked Bernie Sanders to FULLY EXPLAIN how long it is going to be before he REALLY gets the $15 a hour plan that he is talking about. Neither did Al Sharpton, Mark Murial, Cornell Brooks, Roland Martin, or any of the others, ask and demand that Sanders clarify the $15 plan. So does this mean that it may even be four or five, or TEN years before the minimum wage is raised to $15? Which , by then a $20 or $25 per hour will really be needed. And all of the black leaders should know, unless they were born yesterday, that Sanders is NOT going to get ANYWHERE with Wall Street and the rich, and especially Wall Street and rich JEWS. So he is just plainly lying to them, right to their faces, and they are sitting there allowing him to get away with those lies, and scared to speak bold and loudly to him, and demanding that he fully explain the WHOLE thing. What a sorry bunch of NEGROES that we have as leaders ??? — Rev. George Brooks