Bill Bratton vs. Ray Kelly: A Spat Over NYC Crime Data

Bill Bratton vs. Ray Kelly: A Spat Over NYC Crime Data


“He is engaging in politics, and as you know the first casualty of politics is usually the truth,” New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Bratton was talking about former Commissioner Ray Kelly.  Kelly dared to question how crime stats are tabulated under Bratton. Bratton is one of those guys who apparently never does anything wrong even though this was the same Bill Bratton who claimed stop-and-frisk reduced crime.  If that’s true and the stats are right, no stop-and-frisk may end all crime in New York City.  Ever since stop-and-frisk was reduced there’s been no proof it was anything more than a massive racial profiling effort.

“Mr. Kelly is selling a book. The New York Post is reporting he’s thinking of running for mayor. I stand by my crime statistics because they are factual, they are the truth,” added Bratton in defense of his policies. Of course Bratton put out a defensive how-dare-anyone-question-me reaction to Kelly’s critique.  But you knew that. 

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