McAuliffe, Dominion Virginia Power Pledge to Deploy 110 MW of New Solar

McAuliffe, Dominion Virginia Power Pledge to Deploy 110 MW of New Solar


After previously committing to add at least 400 megawatts of solar capacity to its operations in the Commonwealth of Virginia by 2020, Dominion Virginia Power and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe have reached an agreement to deploy 110 megawatts of solar.  The plan falls in line with President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and will help Virginia derive at least 8 percent of its electricity from solar power within the next three years.

“This is another positive step toward furthering the new Virginia economy and will create jobs here in the Commonwealth while reducing the state’s carbon footprint,” said Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “We are committed to solar energy development, and I am pleased to work with Dominion to expand renewable generation in Virginia.”

Dominion has been commissioned to add 75 percent of Virginia’s new solar capacity, while third party solar developers have been tapped to develop the remaining 25 percent. “Dominion agrees, solar generation is an important element of a low-carbon, balanced and diverse generation mix,” said Thomas F. Farrell II, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Dominion Resources Inc., the parent company of Dominion Virginia Power. “We are proud to partner with the Commonwealth in its pursuit of making Virginia a leader in clean energy technology.”

In addition to increasing Virginia’s solar capacity, this new development strives to minimize detrimental cost impacts on Dominion customers, as the state has agreed to pay any costs associated with build out.

The planned new addition of the 110 megawatts of solar capacity will be enough to power 27,000 homes, accounting for more energy than is currently used by the Commonwealth’s community college system.  The new target is also seven times greater than Virginia’s current solar capacity. “We have really been at the back end of renewable energy,” McAuliffe said. “This initiative will now send a signal that this administration and this state is now up to that challenge and will encourage solar developers to come to Virginia.”