Spring Valley High police brutality video demonstrates school to prison pipeline

Spring Valley High police brutality video demonstrates school to prison pipeline


Yesterday a disturbing new video was circulated on social media of a police officer assaulting a young black girl who was seated in a chair in her classroom at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

You can watch the video below:

This video shows what can happen when cops are allowed in schools. In essence, we are criminalizing youth in their own classrooms — the places where they should feel safe and ready to learn.

Just last month, The Atlantic published an article explaining how police officers in public schools impact the campus climate:

“Estimates reported by The New York Times in 2009 indicated that as many as 17,000 sworn police officers were posted in U.S. schools at the time, and federal data included in a National Center of Education Statistics report offers a closer look at the characteristics of campus-based police. According to the report, a little over three in four high schools and the vast majority of large schools (those with 1,000 or more students) have armed security staff, with only a slight statistical difference between urban and suburban areas. But there is great variation based on race and class: Schools where at least half of the children are nonwhite, as well as high-poverty schools (meaning those where at least 75 percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch) are home to the highest percentages in the country of K-12-campus law enforcement.”

The article then goes on to explain that cops have been employed in public schools since the 1950s as “school resource officers” to help foster relationships with the students. During the tough on crime 1990s, the objective changed from having the police act as community liaisons to officers who were recruited and overseen by conventional police departments.

According to data from the US Department of Education, black students are arrested by the police at a disproportionate rate. In the 2011-2012 school year, black students represented 27% of students referred to law enforcement and 31% of students subjected to a school-related arrest even though they constituted a lower percentage of overall enrollment.

Photo credit: screenshot from High School Officer Assaults Black Teenage Student


  1. Sure this school honored him with medals, because clearly they have seen nothing wrong with his behavior. Further, this was a perfect example of teachers, administrators, and, principals not walking their talk. Whatever happen to classroom penalties and calling parents? What a disgrace; and I do think at least that this principal should be fired as well as an utterly poor evaluation for that teacher.

    Question: Have this school done (apparently) this to other children in classrooms without videos, because it is clear this school doesn’t have the skills and/or knowledge in classroom management. Really? Moreover, especially since they had no issues with man handling our children on cell phones? Really? No wonder our children are not learning. DON’T BLAME IT ON THE CHILDREN! OH, I KNOW? THE TEACHERS KNOW THE WORK, SO OUR CHILDREN NEED TO “ONLY” LISTEN! REALLY?

    This doesn’t seem to be the first time that they would had done this, especially merely over a cell phone. And, there are a lot of students with emotional issues too, consequently, have they been throwing them across the floor and flipping their chairs too? I am pleased that the FBI and Justice Department are in on this too, because all of it will be investigated.

    And, I think we will find out about more brutalities; again, this doesn’t seem like it would had been the first time that they have done something like this, especially when the school has been satisfied with how
    this so-called officer handled the situation. I think they are on his side, because they have ordered him before to do what it took. If so, I think what this officer probably needs to do is to tell about those requests.

  2. Furthermore, now some want to take the videos out of the classrooms and the streets when others are doing wrong to include leave others at the mercy of those that are doing wrong. Really? I think somebody or thing should be recording even if it is on the walls. Therefore, is this the only way we solve issues? That is, are we that lazy of a group of people? Further, what do we really get paid to do? Put food in our mouths and pay bills or to have the ability to do our jobs as educators as well as to protect the students in our classrooms and to have the ability to change any improper behaviors?

    It is unacceptable to believe it is all right to slam any student to the floor; then, to throw him/her across the floor, because he/she is on a phone. Really? I think that whole school should be closed down while FBI and Justice Department investigations are going on. What a disgrace to the rest of our educators. That is, if they have to work hard at their profession, regarding classroom management, so do the others at this school without feeling as though they simply have to call in the bully to get their *own* students to listen. Really? Perhaps they *need* to learn how to be an effective teacher and principal. For real!

    When has it *ever* been acceptable to do what this bully did on students using their cellphone? No, we shouldn’t take this lightly. And, the board of education shouldn’t be either. It’s too many times when teachers threaten students to get things done; and, that is not called a good teacher. That is, I believe in calling parents, but not to throw it up into the students’ faces either.

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