Texas State University Home to Inaugural Party Politics #ChalkboardCampus Tour

Texas State University Home to Inaugural Party Politics #ChalkboardCampus Tour


Party Politics launched its inaugural Chalkboard Campus tour at Texas State University with the Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW), Monday, October 26th at 10am outside the Alkek Library.

The #ChalkboardCampus Tour is an interactive public art display that will appear on college campuses around the country. Next year, thousands of students will be voting for the first time in the next presidential election. Because chalkboards historically have been used in the classroom by teachers, our campaign is a simple way to let students do the teaching! Partnering with colleges and universities around the country, chalkboards offers a fun, inspiring visual representation of what new voters want to see from the next President. “We believe that chalkboards are a simple way to convey a compelling message.”  says Trish Mendoza, Party Politics Field Engagement Director.

Campus Chalkboards will read: I Would Like the Next President to Work on         ______________

The collaboration with Texas State provides a lens of things to come.  Each school and partnership will be different. Social work is the professional practice of engaging with individuals and communities to empower change, growth, and health. It taps into people’s potential to try to unleash the possibilities for change in a direction that achieves greater autonomy. “Working with Party Politics advisory board has been easy and wonderful. Having a chalkboard on our campus as a way for students to connect with issues impacting them and this country is a powerful tool.” Michael Hart, President, Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW), Texas State University

“This public art display is a fun and engaging platform for students to connect with others nationally.  We are excited to be the launch pad at Texas State University, deep in the heart of Texas!”  Dr. Karen Knox, Department Chair, School of Social Work, Texas State University

Politics have for many become dirty and divisive. Party Politics is a national organization based in DC that creates nonpartisan ways to add fun to the political process without mention of political party or issue.  Our diverse board has one goal; to create fun, interactive platforms that connect and inform. The chalkboards allow students to share their thoughts on the work they think the next President should do. “We believe that by engaging students, and registering them to vote, they will be more likely to participate in the next election.”  Atiba Madyun, Party Politics President and Founder

The idea for Party Politics originated in 2010 amid the political discourse and unrest in Washington, DC. With the notion of bringing different viewpoints to the table, it has evolved into an organization that will bring fun platforms to campuses, communities, and cities around the country and the globe.


  1. Great article! This speaks to the recklessness and narcissism of Donald Trump, and others who spew hatred and bigotry to ignite and influence the mental midgets of the US electorate. The danger potential is real, scarry and very sad.