Sophie Cruz’s message to Pope highlights DAPA

Sophie Cruz’s message to Pope highlights DAPA


Yesterday when five year old Sophie Cruz broke past the barricades holding back the crowds that were awaiting the Pope, she carried a message on behalf of immigrant families, specifically U.S. born children who have undocumented parents. She asked the Pope to save DAPA, a program that would prevent the parents of US born children from being deported, that is currently being held up in court. The Pope cannot save a U.S. policy, but he can deliver a message to law makers. Today the Pope is scheduled to speak before Congress.

Cruz’s parents are undocumented immigrants from Oaxaca, Mexico.

About 5.3 million children are living in the U.S. with an undocumented parent, who could be deported.

Oaxaca, Mexico, where Cruz’s family comes from, has been devastated by the policies of the North American Free Trade Agreement. There are about 500,000 indigenous people from Oaxaca living in the United States, and many of them have been impacted by how NAFTA has affected farms in Mexico.


Photo credit: Screenshot, 5-year-old girl runs out to Pope Francis during parade