Not Feeling the Bern: Only 6 CBC Members Show for Bernie Sanders...

Not Feeling the Bern: Only 6 CBC Members Show for Bernie Sanders Meeting


Only 6 of 46 members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with Sen. Bernie Sanders today at a townhouse off Capitol Hill.

The meeting took place outside the Capitol Building so that the members could talk politics and election strategy in depth. Members may not talk politics on property funded by taxpayers.

Despite the low attendance, Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield was positive about Sanders and the meeting.

“Sen. Sanders speaks our language,” Butterfield said. He then added that the Caucus and Sanders are on the same page regarding justice reform and economic issues.

The Black Caucus has already met with Hillary Clinton. That meeting took place in the Capitol, so no politics could be discussed though many policy issues were explored in detail.  A second meeting with Clinton is expected.

Sen. Sanders is planning to introduce legislation that would bar federal money to be spent on private prisons.  The bill will be the first justice reform legislation Sanders has offered in years.

Sanders is currently not a sponsor or co-sponsor of any justice related legislation in the Senate.  Bills such as the REDEEM Act, The Justice Safety Valve Act, Stop Racial Profoling and the Smarter Sentencing a Act are a few of the Justice bills that have been introduced in the Senate.

Sen. Sanders has been protested by Black Lives Matter activists for his lack of specific focus on the role of racism in the justice system.  Butterfield said that no specific mention of those protests or Black Lives Matter came up during the discussion today.


      • I also am a constituent of Barbara Lee and am curious if she attended. However, I will vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary, and when Hillary inevitably becomes the Democratic nominee, I will vote for Jill Stein. I can no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.

        • ^ HERE HERE! same goes for me.
          I will NOT vote For HRC the “GOP lite”.

          Up until last October she was still taking contributions from GEO and CCA, the 2 largest Private Prison Lobbies. Under her husband, the Private prison industry blossomed. And does anyone remember all the Dems trying to look tough on crime by passing “Mandatory Minimums”? Now what segment of the population had the most adverse effects due to such legislation?

          How many times can HRC flip flop before you break your blind allegiance? DOMA, Keystone XL, TPP. She supported all of these things , until it came election time and she saw the polls. Then she reversed every position to mirror Bernie’s.
          Bernie has been the consistent independent for the last 40 years, and speaks to his base; bringing them into the fold of the party where HRC’s establishment history could not.

          This is Chess not Checkers. If you want to win, you need independents, who are the largest voting block (42% of the voting populace). Second largest Voting block is the 18-35 Range. Bernie soars past HRC in that demographic as well.

          Even the most Adamant HRC supporters are not going to Vote GOP if Sanders is nominated; her supporters won’t turn their back on the party. Sanders supporters will; because we already feel BOTH parties have turned their backs on us.
          I, like the one above me; will splinter off and vote 3rd party, voting our conscience, rather than support HRC.

          Bernie or Bust!

  1. Bernie Sanders has been fighting for the rights of all people, red, brown, black and white, for over thirty years. He has started a movement in this country that has the potential of bringing back the influence of ordinary people in our government. There are studies that indicate that what we have now is not a democracy but a plutocracy where only the rich and powerful have influence. Ordinary opinions or needs of the people have virtually no influence over what happens in our government but if the super rich or giant corporations want something it gets done. Bernie wants to change that and give power back to the people. He has been ignored by the mass media (which happens to be owned by those same rich and powerful men). They do not want Bernie’s message (our message) to succeed and they do not want to give up their power or influence but their greed is destroying our country and making life very difficult for millions. Only by coming together in a movement to take back what was promised to us by our founding fathers can we have a real change that benefits all Americans. Bernie is the symbol of that change and I hope you will consider him for the job as president. Please check out his speeches and policies before making a final decision about your choice of candidates.

    • Why are you disgusted. This president reffered to the Baltimore protestors as thugs and some of those protestors are veterans! Why are you not disgusted with his payment of repartaions to senior Israeli citizens, so that they can die with dignity, while not supporting reparations to Americans of African descent who have survived the American Holocaust or his quietness when it comes to Israeli aparthied and its disproportional attacks on the Gaza strip…if he could run again, no votes here. THat man went to South Carolina and le

  2. I have noticed that for all their bellyaching about Republicans and Corporations, these Representatives are endorsing someone who is a Corporate backed Candidate, even though Bernie Sanders fits their requirement. Same can be said for non-black so called Progressives.
    Who are the ones who did not show for Sanders. Let’s rev up our work for #Bernie2016 and after he wins let get rid of the Representatives who encoded a Corporate Candidate. E.g.. Jean Shaheen I,kNew Hampshire endorsed Hillary. When Bernie wins there ….Shaheen should get primaried Corporate Dems have destroyed our country. If we had FDR Dems like Belrnie and Grayson who did not vote with the Republicans we would be in better shape. We must replace endorser of Corporate Candidates with FDR Democrats .

  3. The fact that only 6 members of the CBC met with Senator Sanders is appalling. CBC members should be meeting with all politicians who seek the presidency of the United States. Due to the myriads of issues affecting the Black community throughout the country, we expect our representatives to bring to the table an agenda that addresses issues that impact our lives on a daily basis, and to do anything to the contrary is a failure on the part of those we elected to advance our cause.

    Was the former Black Panther Party Member, Bobby Rush at the meeting?

  4. This article s conspicuously incomplete. Who attended this off-campus meeting? What reasons, if any, were given by those who did not attend?

    How many members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with Clinton on the Hill? Did they do so because it was quick and convenient, or because they feel she offers a more focused approach to issues of importance to them?

  5. This is a poor piece of journalism. Why didn’t the others show? That seems to be the most important message left unsaid–interview them and ask why? Speculate–editorialize a little–and who did attend? And why? I got nothing from this article–nothing at all–nothing i cant read in a caption.

  6. You Bernie commies need to know one thing, you’re only furthering the stereotype that is bernie sanders has the most ignorant, selectively-educated, insignificant base in the election. That is all…

  7. Have you ever attended a vote at the Senate or House? Then you’ve probably been there more often than your rep. Congressmen don’t show up for any damn thing. This is no big deal.