#GOPDebate: Fox Goes After Donald Trump and Trump Returns the Favor

#GOPDebate: Fox Goes After Donald Trump and Trump Returns the Favor


Fox News Goes After Donald Trump.  Fox News appeared to be acting as a front for the Republican National Committee in a “debate” that was an obvious attempt to go after Republican front runner Donald Trump.  The first question was straight out of RNC headquarters.  Would Trump pledge to refrain from running as an independent if he fails to get the nomination.  Were millions of people chomping at the bit to have that question asked? 

Question after question revealed the concern from the Fox News/RNC wing of the GOP.  The billionaire real estate mogul became the object of some of the toughest most pointed questions of the first Republican debate of the 2016 campaign cycle.  

Sure, this is understandable given that Trump has behaved more like a reality TV show star than a serious future President.  But the question is: Who is the media to decide that a candidate isn’t “legitimate” because that candidate doesn’t come out of the traditional circle of power.  

The GOP establishment has figured out the obvious: That Trump can’t be managed or controlled by them and that he is an unpredictable outsider on a campaign of disruption of the normal order.  Obviously some of the questions from Fox’s debate moderators needed to be asked.  A good example was Megyn Kelly’s question to Trump of his sexists statements in the past. Other questions were clearly designed to delegitimize Trump at a time when he comfortably leads in the polls over several establishment Republicans. 

“Donald Trump is hitting a nerve in this country,” said Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R-OH).  It’s also clear that Trump has hit a nerve with Roger Ailes at Fox News.  Numerous attempts by Chris Wallace to go after him resulted in Trump providing the predictably hard pushback he’s well known for.  Fox decided to poke the tiger and the tiger poked back. Hard.

#ChrisWallace went after Trump and Trump turned it around on him.  Fox’s attempt to be the RNC enforcer backfire as Trump turned it around on them.