This is What it Sounds Like When the Koch Brothers Support Justice...

This is What it Sounds Like When the Koch Brothers Support Justice Reform


Think of the famous motto of the Black Caucus, “no permanent enemies only permanent interests,” as you think of the Koch Brothers supporting a criminal justice reform bill that rolls back over criminalization.  It shouldn’t be a shock at to anyone that the Libertarian leaning Koch Brothers support series justice reform.  But it is.  I would predict that there will be Democrats (see: Sens. Chuck Schumer, Amy Klobuchar and Dianne Feinstein) who will find a way to get in the way of justice reform and end up on the right of the Koch Brothers before the debate around the SAFE Justice Act is through.

“The reforms we’re talking about have been adopted by many red and blue states over the past few years,” pointed out Koch Industries Senior Vice President Mark Holden at a press conference this week announcing the SAFE Justice Act.

The SAFE Justice Act has a “front-to-back approach reforms the entire system, not just one part of it. For instance, the bill reforms sentences so that they hit hardest at the “major players” rather than low-level operators. It offers mental health services and drug treatment, encourages faith-based and community groups to work with inmates to teach them such important items as job skills, family reconciliation, making moral decisions, and mentoring to help offenders think through the decisions that confront them when they leave prison,” wrote former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about the SAFE Justice Act this week.

For those of you that have popped up on twitter with conspiracy theories about the evil Koch Brothers, consider that few political endeavors are 100 percent left or 100 percent right.  And if they are, they’re typically blind knee jerk ideologues. It would also be a good idea consider that many Republicans in Congress will be much more likely to pay attention to the SAFE Justice Act because the Koch Brothers are involved.  That should yield a far better result on criminal justice than we’ve seen in the past.

Will Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) end up agreeing with the Koch Brothers on an issue? We will soon see. In the meantime, listen to what Koch Industries Senior Vice President Mark Holden said about the SAFE Justice Act this week.


  1. ”The entire history of The United States screams out that Black People must define and control the process by which justice is meted out in their own community. ”If there is one one historical truth that is indisputable in America, that is that Black People have never gotten justice from The U.S. Criminal Justice System.” Which is why one out of every eight prison inmates on Planet Earth is a Black American….”If The Black Lives Matter” mobilization is to sustain itself; if it is to go beyond protest against the latest police atrocity and become a full-fledge movement….It must embrace the principal of Black Community Control of the police.”