That $20 Billion Lawsuit: Byron Allen vs. Al Sharpton

That $20 Billion Lawsuit: Byron Allen vs. Al Sharpton


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Television producer and media mogul Byron Allen, joined with the National Association of African-American Owned Media (NAAAOM) has dropped a $20 billion suit against Comcast, Al Sharpton and Time Warner Cable.

Allen alleges in the suit that his production company has been intentionally discriminated against in its efforts to secure distribution on cable entities owned by Comcast and Time Warner.  Allen has also filed suit for $10 billion against AT&T and DirectTV over the same allegations.

And what does that have to do with Al Sharpton?

Allen’s suit alleges that, “Comcast paid Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN) more than $3.8 million in donations and salary for the on-screen television-hosting position on MSNBC.”

In a recent interview in the right leaning blog Daily Caller, Allen said, “It’s cheaper to give Al Sharpton money, than it is to do business with real African-American owned media. What Comcast did is, they give Al Sharpton money so he doesn’t call them racist. That is the issue here… (He) is nothing more than a black pawn in a very sophisticated white economic chess game. He’s not even bright enough to know he’s on the chess board, and he’s being used by his white masters at Comcast, specifically David Cohen and (Comcast CEO) Brian Roberts.”

Byron Allen’s suit is likely to become a referendum on the strategies of legacy civil rights organizations and specifically Sharpton, particularly after the #BlackLIvesMatter movement grows.  At a time when the stats for African Americans regarding poverty, unemployment and the wealth gap between black and white, several legacy groups have become relatively quiet given the growing problems.

On the other side: African Americans don’t financially support these legacy organizations. As a result they are faced with the problems of a lack of funding that leads them to become dependent corporate funding.


  1. Who cares what Byron Allen thinks…..his problem is that he does not like that Sharpton is pro Black…unlike himself , being that he is married to a white woman. Allen, you need to shut up and sit in the bleachers. BTW Allen, don’t ever make a comment about who speaks for me. I say who speaks for me and it is certainly NOT you.

    • you pick on B Allen because he is married to a white women. I quess you condemn all of the rich athletes and entertainers that are black and are married to beautiful white women that would not look at them if they were a janitor or a mailman. If I were black it would tic me off that so many high profile blacks can’t seem to find a single black women to fall in love with. Nobody says it but what it tells me is that many black men find white women more attractive than black women.
      P.S. why can’t you speak for yourself instead of using a convicted felon and a tax cheat.

      • The very same applies to Black Women who marry White Men…why didn’t you also mention that fact? Why, slam a successful Black Man, and only give a Black woman that does exactly the same thing …a “PASS”! “If, you were Black?…lol Well, obviously you’re not Black, so why do you even care who marries who? Lastly, FYI’s apparant that Black men thinks not only White Women, but Non-Black Women in general “must” be considered as being more attractive than Black Women…since BM aren’t marrying BW these days! And, also why are so many Black Women busting thier butts in thier usual failed attempt to emulate White Women, but can’t meet the standard? Really, who’d want too anyway? You must be living under a rock, or something because it’s clear as mud that “just about all races of men aren’t marrying Black women either!

    • So, what that Byron Allen is married to a White woman! That’s his business….just like the fact that 23% of “all” Black men in America is also! This isn’t about interacial marriage it’s about Al Sharpton selling out Black Distributors…his own people for money! That’s, far more impportant, don’t you think? And, lastly Byron’s RIGHT! Al Sharpton doesn’t speak for all Black people either…so what’s your point, that’s even if you have one!

    • Sharpton is pro black? lol. Sharpton is pro Sharpton and has sold out black people on more than once occasion for the purpose of lining his own pocket. Wake up, Daryl. Stop being such a simpleton.

  2. As a black man, I do not need Al Sharpton or anyone speaking on my behalf, I can do that myself and second, I am not surprised by Mr. Sharpton’s antics and those who claim to have the best interest of black people at heart when I know damn well that they do not for they are in bed with these entertainment comglomerates taking money from them for these groups have zero credibility as far as i’m concerned.

  3. […] Television producer Byron Allen, along with the National Association of African American Owned Media, is suing Rev. Al Sharpton, Comcast and Time Warner Cable for $20 billion, as reported by At issue is Allen’s claim that Al Sharpton was awarded plentiful airtime and MSNBC by Comcast, while the Comcast has declined to work with Byron Allen’s own company out of conscious discrimination. Allen says he has received the same treatment at the hands of AT&T and DirecTv. […]

  4. all this anti-black stuff makes me sick!! if many of u think he’s a sell-out I’d love 2 see u stand up which I know u won’t or can’t because ur WEAK!! see how easy it is!!