House votes to block funding for immigration executive action

House votes to block funding for immigration executive action


Today the House of Representatives voted to fund the Department of Homeland Security with measures that block protections for undocumented immigrants.

According to USA Today:

“House members voted 236-191 to pass a $40 billion funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security after first approving five controversial immigration amendments. One would derail Obama’s latest immigration action while another would cut off funding for his 2012 program that gave protection from deportation and work permits to immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.”

In essence, the GOP controlled House voted to put millions of undocumented people back at risk for deportation. What the GOP majority in the Senate will do is unclear because law makers in the upper chamber might not want to head towards a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. Senate Democrats are expected to filibuster.

Congressman Ben Ray Luján, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the following in a statement, “House Republicans proved today that they are willing to play politics with our Homeland Security in an effort to cater to the extreme elements of their party who want to restart the deportations of kids who are here through no fault of their own and want to build a better life for themselves and their communities.  Republicans continue to move further and further to the right on immigration rather than try to work across the aisle to actually strengthen families, our economy, and our country.”

Photo credit: Not One More Deportation by dignidadrebelde licensed under CC BY 2.0


  1. Speaking of immigration: South Africa: Africans in Particular, People of Color in General, Not Welcome: This year looks set to be another gloomy one for Asylum Seekers, as the ANC government makes a renewed attempt to deport and restrict the number of African Migrants to South Africa…Black Africans are not welcome anywhere, even as tourists, and must jump through dozens of hoops to apply for visas to enter almost every country in the world to prove their worthiness. Lately, the quest for tourist visas can even entail providing proof that they have paid their children’s South African school fees. Given that Black South Africans experience these indignities when applying for visas to Europe, Australia and North America, it is continually disappointing when the ANC government concots new ways to keep other Black Africans out of South Africa….A strange new form for Asylum Seekers now compels applicants to provide pay slips, detail of property owned and to reveal how much money they have…..It is still not known what this information will be used for, since governments are only supposed to assess application for Asylum based on the level of persecution faced in the home country…Not the amount of money in the applicants’ bank account…In 2013, only two out of 12,000 applicants were granted Asylum and the New ‘Asylum seekers’ form is likely part of government’s quest to rid South Africa completely of genuine Asylum Seekers and allow in only those with money…It has become fashionable for governments globally to decry the fact that people of color are seeking Asylum when in fact they are ‘economic migrants’ making contrived claims of persecution…This false separation was laid bare last week when the Ezadeen, a livestock cargo ship run by People Smugglers and carrying 360 Syrian Asylum Seekers, was set adrift off the coast of Italy, fortunately being rescued before it crashed….The passengers, who paid R60 000 each for a place on the floor in the Livestock hold, have since been dubbed economic migrants even though as Syrian Victims of War, they clearly deserve Asylum Status…It does not seem likely that they will find homes in Italy because they have already been removed to ”identification and expulsion centers” which the Media is Mysteriously and Euphemistically describing as”immigration centers….”Refugee Rights Groups in Europe say that One Million Asylum Seekers per year are detained in these centers, sometimes for years…The only people who benefit from this system are the People Smugglers and Multinational Corporations like Group Four Security[G4S] and ‘immigration solution provide’ MITIE, which are paid billions every year to run these Notorious deportation centers where Human Rights Abuses are reported regularly….No simular Race based Country- by-Country purge was planned for White Migrants from Europe and North America who are generally prized by the DA and ANC government for the skills” they bring to South Africa…It is for this reason that Black Consciousness Activists have pointed out in the past.