Black Friday Profits Drop 11%, Media Won’t Admit It Could Be Ferguson...

Black Friday Profits Drop 11%, Media Won’t Admit It Could Be Ferguson Boycott


Black Friday sales were expected to be 3% over what they were in 2013.  They weren’t.  They were down 11%. Was it the Ferguson protest movement — part of which centered around an economic boycott.

“After days of stories in the Black media and widespread social media discussion announcing a Black Friday shopping boycott to protest the grand jury decision in Ferguson, retailers said yesterday that sales over the Thanksgiving weekend had plunged 11 percent compared to last year, representing a dollar drop off of nearly $7 billion,” wrote Nick Chiles in Atlanta Black Star.

If the 11% wasn’t the Ferguson effort what was it?  Many media outlets won’t mention the Ferguson Black Friday boycott effort as a factor in decreased sales on Friday.

Protesters in St. Louis and around the country appeared at malls and protested the action of the Ferguson grand jury that decided not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.  

On Saturday in Washington, DC. a ground calling itself “Ferguson DC” protested in the streets of Georgetown and blocked M Street for about two hours.  Georgetown is a popular shopping and tourist destination in the capitol.

The group then arrived at Pentagon City Mall where they marched through Nordsrtom’s and other high end stores for about an hour and a half.  Even though the protest was on the weekend, the day before — Black Friday — saw the similar activity.  

An economic boycott of Florida was discussed by any leaders after George Zimmerman was acquitted after murdering teenager Trayvon Martin.  No boycott happened.  This time, faith leaders and a push led by Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore to boycott Black Friday and carry the effort into cyber Monday.

When the Cyber Monday’s numbers come in we may be certain it was the boycott and not a coincidence. 


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