Immigrant activists target Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan with billboard campaign

Immigrant activists target Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan with billboard campaign


This week a group of immigrant activists in North Carolina unveiled a billboard campaign taking aim at Democratic Senator Kay Hagan for her immigration positions.

Hagan was one of the five Democratic senators who opposed the DREAM Act in 2010 and recently voted in favor of a bill sponsored by Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas that would have done away with the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Hagan has presented herself as being to the right of most of her Democratic colleagues on immigration.

In North Carolina, Latino voters are about 3.1% of the voting population, and in this election cycle, immigration ranks as a top issue this election cycle for Latinos. But Latino voters are not as eager to support Democrats as they were in recent elections.

“We, as the Latino community in North Carolina purchased a billboard to make sure that Latino North Carolinians know that Hagan is working against them in Washington. This campaign is funded by both the undocumented and documented Latino community in and around North Carolina,” stated a press release from the National Immigrant Youth Alliance.

This billboard campaign is indicative of the frustration that immigration activists have with the Democratic establishment and its leader, President Obama.

Photo credit: image courtesy of National Immigrant Youth Alliance


  1. I’m greatly encouraged by the views of the Senator. If not for the bravery of a politician like this Senator, we would be giving up our fight to regain our country from those who are invading it. As an older American Citizen, I fail to understand how my government has taken a stance that fails to protect America and American Citizens from this ongoing alien invasion.
    We need to implement eVerify to prevent aliens from working in the United States; RealID to prevent access to social services and drivers licenses, and we need to change our laws to limit education for minor to American Citizen minors. If aliens can’t work here, get social services here, or get educated here, they will leave here – and will do so at no cost to the American taxpayer.

    • I am in complete agreement with your comment about illegal aliens who have no respect for law and order and the lack of outcry from black leaders and the black community. Black Americans are the most affected by this invasion of illegals, mostly hispanic and the only reason I can come up with as to why this President is supporting is for votes for the Democratic party. Communities are being stuck with outrageous taxes and fees to keep the villages and city governments functioning yet this government is handing out free money and services to foreigners who live very prosperous lives off of the government as citizens of this country, mainly African Americans get snubbed at by politicians. People want to work but get looked over for mainly hispanics for jobs. This is a crime itsel and discrimination yet no one in black America seem to speak out against this immoral act. Where are you black media and black leaders. I see you daily on News One Now with Roland Martin yet you never have any in depth conversation about this injustice against black people.Where are you black people with your degrees?