David McCallum, Wrongly Imprisoned for 29 Years, is Released

David McCallum, Wrongly Imprisoned for 29 Years, is Released


David McCallum maintained his innocence since 1986 when, at the age of 16, he was sent to prison for imprisoned for murder.  Today, after 29 years, he was finally released. McCallum was falsely prosecuted for a kidnapping and murder. 

Another conviction that was thrown out was McCallum’s co-defendant, the late Willie Stuckey.  McCallum’s case was championed by Rubin Hurricane Carter, who was also falsely prosecuted for a crime he did not commit.  Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, said the case against McCallum was based on made-up confessions and lies by the police. 

David McCallum is also the subject of a documentary called “David & Me.”

As reported by CBS NewYork, “In dismissing the convictions, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Matthew D’Emic said, “The evidence available to the district attorney after the investigation sufficiently convinces the court that the judgments of conviction should be vacated.” 


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