Black Paper in Ohio Endorses Republican for Governor

Black Paper in Ohio Endorses Republican for Governor



OHIO. The Call & Post, a historic Black newspaper established in Cleveland in 1928, endorsed Republican John Kasich for Governor over the Democrat in the race.  Instead of just rubber stamping their endorsement, like so many newspapers on the left and right do (looking at you Richmond Times Dispatch), the Call & Post detailed out their reasoning in support of Gov. Kasich. 

“Over the last four years, we have watched as this governor time and again stood up for Black people,” the endorsement of Gov. Kasich read.    

“We have seen with our own eyes how he has championed the poor and underserved. For instance, when most of the Republican Party (the party Kasich belongs to) was prepared to fight until the bitter end to push back against Medicaid expansion, Kasich bypassed his own GOP controlled legislature by making use of the Ohio Controlling Board, providing hundreds of thousands of uninsured Ohioans with coverage,” the paper wrote.

Democrats frequently feel they can take Black votes for granted, visit a few churches, and get Black support with close to no effort.  Much of that is made easier as the GOP leans more to the right. During this election cycle, several Democrats have offered nothing to Black voters during their midterm election campaigns.  This endorsement should be particularly jarring to Ohio Democrats in light of the state’s dubious changes in election laws led by Secretary of State John Husted.

The entire endorsement in the Call & Post can be read here.