SCOTUS Moves to Make Sure People in Ohio Can’t Vote Too Early

SCOTUS Moves to Make Sure People in Ohio Can’t Vote Too Early


What did five members of the U.S. Supreme Court do yesterday?  They made sure that voters in Ohio have sss days to vote instead of xxx to vote.  They made sure that no one could vote the Sunday before election day.  They made sure no one started to make sure no one voted today.   The decision ended “golden week” where voters would be allowed to register to vote and then cast a ballot at the same time.  Because we couldn’t have that.  

Meanwhile, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine didn’t even bother wasting time trying to explain the unexplainable, which is: Why would you want citizens to have less time to vote?  Instead, Husted and DeWine went right to the “states’ rights” argument.

You remember states’ rights?  Pro slavery charlatans used the “states’ rights” argument to affirm that their slave property was their wherever it went.  States’ rights was the argument that kept American schools segregated until 1954 (when SCOTUS ended it).  It’s the same argument that kept the poll tax going until 1964 (when SCOTUS ended it).  It’s the same argument used everytime someone wants to present someone from doing something.  In this case, once again, it’s voting.

Yeah you guessed it, all of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court who were appointed by Republicans voted to make it harder for people in Ohio to vote.  Vote early? No way. Let’s have everyone stand in line for 4 hours on November 4. And you can believe that when you see the footage of exactly who is standing in those lines, the line standers will be just as Black as you guessed they’d be.

Rep. Marcia Fudge of Ohio reacts to SCOTUS granting a stay that delays early in-person voting in Ohio that was to begin TOMORROW, September 30, 2014:“By ordering a last minute halt to the start of early voting in Ohio, the U.S. Supreme Court has taken away an important opportunity many Ohioans count on to cast a ballot.  This decision injects unnecessary confusion into the electoral process.  Our government works best when all voices are included.  Limiting access to the ballot box in a manner that disproportionately discourages senior, minority, and disabled citizens, among others, from participating in the electoral process diminishes our democracy, and disenfranchises many Ohioans.  As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said more than 50 years ago: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied.’  The same is true of the Supreme Court’s ruling today.”
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Lauren Victoria Burke
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  1. It’s time to either sue or impeach these RACIST, NON-professional, NON-ethical, MOST PARTISAN NOT so supreme court justices in the history of the Supreme Court! They are just as GUILTY of VOTER SUPRESSION as the RACIST republicans!