What A Difference A Week Can Make

What A Difference A Week Can Make









Call it good PR, calculated business maneuvering, serendipity or maybe all of the above but things are looking up for REVOLT TV.

If you Googled “Revolt TV” a little over a week ago headlines such as “Is Diddy’s Revolt TV Struggling? Numbers Don’t Lie”,  “Diddy’s Revolt TV is Facing Viewership & Money Issues” and “Sean Combs’ Revolt TV having trouble increasing viewership” popped up.

Google it today and news of it’s new deal with Verizon headlines the search.  That’s a little over a week after a NY Post article appeared detailing the troubles the fledgling music network was having securing additional carriage deals.

The Post quotes REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales as saying, “Like most start-ups, you have challenges of growing the business. The good news is that we had deals in place with Comcast and Time Warner Cable,” Clinkscales said. “They have been excellent partners. However, the merger discussions caused the whole industry to slow down. There’s a general wait and see on a lot of things.”

Cable channels typically cost around $100 million to get launched. Without additional carriage, Revolt TV is finding it challenging to bring in a wider swath of advertisers.

Those concerns may be remedied now that the network is joining the Verizon FiOS TV lineup in October.

In a Verizon press release Terry Denson, Verizon’s vice president for content acquisition and strategy, shares, “REVOLT is a crowd-pleasing addition to the FiOS TV lineup. As we continue to add or renew channels in a way that reflects customers’ actual viewing patterns, we are pleased to welcome REVOLT into the homes of our customers, and we are excited to see their response to REVOLT’s fresh take on music programming.”

With the launch on Verizon FiOS, REVOLT will be available in 46 of the top 50 U.S. markets  including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Atlanta and D.C., on Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Centurylink, with more traditional and nontraditional carriage deals to be announce in the short term.

Given that REVOLT TV was launched as a part of the Comcast/NBC Merger in an effort to diversify and increase minority owned content, the move by Verizon comes at a critical time. REVOLT TV being offered via its FIOS TV lineup helps to ensure the content will actually reach it’s intended audience, diverse content producers stay employed and the minority owned channel is given an opportunity to flourish.