Immigration Advocates Furious as President Obama Delays Executive Order

Immigration Advocates Furious as President Obama Delays Executive Order


Immigration advocates are furious with President Obama over his decision, announced today, to delay an executive order regarding deportations.  With only 59 days left to election day, several Senate Democrats are in razor thin races for re-election.

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) said President Obama betrayed the “trust of some of the most vulnerable among us” regarding his decision to delay an executive order on immigration.  “He reneged on his own commitment in June to do what is right, and instead chose what is expedient, betraying the trust of some of the most vulnerable among us,” Rep. Grijalva added.

“When candidate Obama asked our community for support in 2008 and 2012, he urged us all to vote based on our hopes, not our fears. Today, President Obama gave in to the fears of Democratic political operatives, crushing the hopes of millions of hard-working people living under the constant threat of deportation and family separation,” said NCLR President Janet Murguía.

“With this delay the president has broken yet another promise to the Latino community,” said Erika Andiola of the DREAM Action Coalition.

“In a breathtakingly harsh and short sighted political miscalculation, immigrant families were sacrificed today,” said Deepak Bhargava of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) in a statement.  “Make no mistake – this delay will have tragic consequences for the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who will be ripped from one another’s arms in the coming weeks and months. A delay of weeks may not seem like a lot to a politician in DC, but it is everything to a child who will lose his or her parents in that time.”

Cesar Vargas, Director of the DREAM Action said,”we know where Republicans stand, and what this shows now is that Democrats are also willing to throw Latinos and immigrants under the bus.”

Journalist-activist-anchor Jorge Ramos blasted President Obama on twitter. “President @BarackObama once again delays action on immigration. He promised on June 30th to act before the end of the summer. Now he won’t,” read one tweet.  “This presidential delay means that more innocent people will be deported and more families separated.It’s the triumph of partisan politics,” read another.

On September 4, Rep. Luis Gutierrez tweeted that, “We cannot be a pro-immigrant party only when it is convenient.”  No reaction from Gutierrez today on the delay… yet. 

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