#BorderCrisis: CHC Led By Rep. Luis Gutierrez Set to Press Obama to...

#BorderCrisis: CHC Led By Rep. Luis Gutierrez Set to Press Obama to Take Action


Today, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus threw down the gauntlet on what their demands will be regarding the border crisis.  First on the list: They want the deportations of children to stop. The CHC is set to meet with President Obama next week.  They have presented six pages of demands they plan to present to him.

“When we meet with the president, there will not be the kind of speaking order you see here today,” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez with a smile. “We will all raise our voices at that meeting.”

The Hispanic Caucus said they will push the President hard to stop deportations of illegal immigrants who don’t qualify under the the 2012 deferred action policy.   Almost every member of the CHC was present at a news conference to brief a room full of reporters today.  The CHC are concerned that President Obama will give in to Republican insistence to revise a 2008 human trafficking law so that the President’s request for $3.8 billion in emergency funding to deal with the border crisis will be approved.

“I think the president can take actions to put all of those who would have been legalized by the Senate bill, for example, in a safe place and take them out of the deportation queue so we concentrate our resources on high priority deportations,” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez.