Eric Cantor’s Buddies Move Party Money Away From Dave Brat

Eric Cantor’s Buddies Move Party Money Away From Dave Brat


The Washington Post reported Friday that party players who were supporting soon-to-be-former Congressman Eric Cantor have pulled a fast one on the man who defeated him.  

Last week during a 7th District Committee meeting in Virginia, “Cantor loyalists who still sit on the 7th District Committee outmaneuvered Brat supporters to strip the committee of most of its budget — nearly $400,000.”  According to the Washington Post, a parliamentary maneuver allowed the money to be moved so that Brat’s campaign couldn’t use it.  Brat was to use the money for a get out the vote campaign.  

The move may assist the candidacy of Democratic opponent Jack Trammell who will be running against Cantor over the next four months.   

But those who were supporting Cantor are apparently still not over the fact that Brat has placed Cantor into retirement.  Soon Cantor will have to vacate his suite of offices in the U.S. Capitol that are located between the Rotunda and Statuary Hall.  And soon Cantor will lose his four person Secret Service-like U.S. Capitol Police security detail that has been driving him from Richmond to Washington DC and toy any other event of his choosing.  

Cantor’s aloofness in his district is what turned many constituents off.  He appeared to be too important for town halls, meetings with constituents and questionnaires asking about his views on the important issues of he day.  Now, his operatives are making it difficult of man who sent Cantor packing.  

The maneuver prompted an angry outcry from Brat’s camp.

“They just wanted to get the money out of the committee so we wouldn’t have it. It was retribution,” said Robert Stuber, the Post’s reports.    The deep divide between Tea Party Republicans and the rest of the party continues.