As Obamacare sign up deadline nears, Latino support for law declines

As Obamacare sign up deadline nears, Latino support for law declines


With the March 31 deadline almost here, there has been a big push in the Latino community to get people signed up for Obamacare. The Latino community is one of the most uninsured in the nation, and with the population being relatively young, it is a key constituency that officials are counting on to help make the program work.

The government’s CuidadoDeSalud website’s twitter feed has even resorted to tweeting empanadas, pastelitos, and soccer balls to attempt to illustrate the upcoming deadline.

Recent polling shows that Latino support for the law has declined:

“…but Mark Hugo Lopez with the Pew Research Center says a recent poll shows just as many don’t.

“Forty-seven percent said that they approved of the Affordable Care Act, but 47 percent said they disapproved,” Lopez says. “What’s interesting about this is that this is a change from September of 2013, when 61 percent of Latinos approved of the law.”

Other polls show declines, too, although not as deep. Some Latino advocates say many still have questions about how to sign up, and there’s been too much emphasis on technology, as opposed to person-to-person contact.”

And the problems with relying on technology, the criticisms of the Spanish language website itself, and concerns posed by people have who are in mixed immigration status families may have added to the decline in popularity of President Obama’s signature program.