Sen. Schumer joins chorus of Senators asking President to halt deportations

Sen. Schumer joins chorus of Senators asking President to halt deportations


On Thursday, Senator Chuck Schumer chimed in about what the President should do if the House fails to pass an immigration reform bill by September.

The New York Democrat told Politico: “We remain focused on passing a balanced immigration bill that secures our borders and fixes a broken system. But if the House recesses in September without passing immigration reform, in October the administration should stop deporting hard-working and law-abiding people who would be covered by the Senate bill.”

Earlier in the week Senators Menendez (D-N.J.) and Durbin (D-Ill.) made similar statements, and the President of the National Council of La Raza called the President ‘the deporter in chief’ in reference to the administration nearing the two millionth deportation.

Last June, Senator Schumer was saying that the House would pass the immigration bill that was passed in the Senate. And last spring, he was targeted by activists for his close connections to the private prison industry, which has profited from the detentions and deportations.

With the realization that an immigration bill will probably not make it out of the House of representatives in the current session, Democrats are likely to continue to pressure the administration to act or be confronted by activists who push them to make some sort of statement on the deportations.

President Obama told a healthcare town hall on Thursday, “I am the champion-in-chief of comprehensive immigration reform. What I’ve said in the past remains true: Until Congress passes a new law I am constrained in what I can do,” passing the buck on immigration again.



  1. […] Schumer: “Seguimos enfocados en aprobar una ley de inmigración equilibrada que asegure nuestras fronteras y repare un sistema que no funciona. Pero si la Cámara de Representantes toma el receso de septiembre sin aprobar una reforma migratoria, en octubre la administración (Obama) debería parar las deportaciones de las personas laboriosas y respetuosas de la ley que estaría cubiertas por el proyecto de ley del Senado”. […]