#MoralMarch in Raleigh NC: BIggest Most Diverse March Since Selma?

#MoralMarch in Raleigh NC: BIggest Most Diverse March Since Selma?


Bigger Than Selma? Today in Raleigh, NC thousands of people will gather at Shaw University for a massive assembly

Pope, Tillis and Berger
Pope, Tillis and Berger

on the doorstep of the State Capitol.  A fusion of organizations led by Rev. William Barber  and the North Carolina NAACP with over 150 coalition partners.  Unlike many other marches, the coalition partners are racially and issue diverse.

Those who may believe that community based local organizing is in decline need to take a close look at North Carolina.  Barber and his coalition of groups are bringing local organizing and coalition building to a powerful new level not seen since the civil rights movement.  If they can turn their efforts into results at the polls their victory will be complete. Making it harder for voters in North Carolina to cast ballots is a centerpiece goal of Barber’s opponents.

The groups say they are,”trying to hold lawmakers accountable to the people of North Carolina.”  The people’s assembly is an attempt to push back on what organizers say is, “the immoral and unconstitutional policies supported and passed by Governor Pat McCrory, Speaker Thom Tillis, Senate Leader Phil Berger, Budget Director Art Pope.”  the movement’s website is here

“After 13 Moral Mondays in Raleigh leading to almost 1,000 arrests for civil disobedience and 24 local Moral Mondays spanning the entire state, the Forward Together Moral Movement and the HKonJ coalition will join together once again for the Moral March on Raleigh HKonJ People’s Assembly,” their website says.