George Zimmerman v. DMX: Celebrity Death Match

George Zimmerman v. DMX: Celebrity Death Match


George Zimmerman likes to fight. And he likes attention from the media.

In his latest attempt to fulfill two of his apparently new-found life ambitions, George Zimmerman has selected 43 year-old rapper DMX as his competitor in a celebrity boxing match.

After announcing last week that he intended to participate in a boxing match with a celebrity, Zimmerman received over 15,000 requests from people who wanted to fight him. Something about shooting young, unarmed black teenagers and engaging in domestic disputes with your estranged wife, tends to put you on a lot of people’s hit lists – literally.

For his part, DMX, who has had his own bouts with the law to contend with in the past, is all ready to fight Zimmerman, and has issued an expletive-ridden description of what he intends to do to the pugilist in training once they step foot in the ring together.

Apparently, Zimmerman used to train as a boxer, both because he enjoyed the sport and because it helped him support his weight loss goals. With his court travails behind him, he likely has more free time to train and scheme on ways to keep himself “relevant” and in the pubic eye.

The boxing match is set for March 1, 2014 and is expected to air on both Pay Per View and online.

The announcement was scheduled for today, on what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday. But when the promoter, Damon Feldman, got wind of the alleged coincidence, he leaked additional details about the fight early – assumedly in an effort to be not quite as insensitive as announcing Zimmerman’s latest stunt on Trayvon’s birthday would make him seem.

Additional details about the fight are expected to be released next week.