Coca-Cola Focused on Water, Women and Well-Being in the New Year

Coca-Cola Focused on Water, Women and Well-Being in the New Year


Roland Martin, seasoned journalist, political pundit, and host of TVOne’s NewsOne Now, recently interviewed Lisa Borders, President of The Coca-Cola Foundation about her vision for the organization.

“We always supported education, and we will continue to do that,” she told Martin. We now report to the office of sustainability, and we’re going to be looking at three key focus areas: water, women and well-being.

“Water, obviously, Coca-Cola is 99% percent water, so for every drop we take out of the world, we’re going to put it back. Women – we understand that women hold up half of society; they are under-represented anywhere you look, whether it’s politics, business, non-profit, you name it. So we have made a public commitment to have five million women added to our value chain, or related to our value chain, by 2020. And then, lastly, well-being. We define that as fighting obesity. You know that obesity was just declared a disease, and the African American community suffers dramatically from obesity. Not to say that other communities don’t. So those key areas will be targets for us, but we will continue to do education as our foundation thing, the base thing that we always do.”

Borders, who assumed her post last May when Ingrid Saunders stepped down, has made a significant career of philanthropy, civic and social engagement. Prior to becoming Vice President of Global Community Connections and Chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation, Borders served as President of the Grady Health Foundation – the philanthropic arm of Grady Health System – Georgia’s largest public hospital and Atlanta’s premier level I trauma center.  She also formerly served as President of the Atlanta City Council, Vice Mayor of Atlanta and Co-Chair of the transition team for Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University in Durham, N.C., and a Master of Science in Health Administration from the University of Colorado in Denver.

Given Borders’ focus, she will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the industry and communities she serves.


  1. Women are under-represented at the top. Men are over-represented at the bottom. Which of these is the more pressing social issue?

    Men are: 92% of unsheltered homeless, 80% of suicide victims, 91% of parents denied access to their children, die earlier from 19 of the top 20 diseases, 96% of workplace fatalities, 99.9% of combat war dead. Helping a millionaire woman to break the glass ceiling and become a billionaire is important … but helping one million unsheltered homeless men who would have access to shelter if they were born the “right” gender is even more important.