House Republicans Stop Immigration Reform

House Republicans Stop Immigration Reform


Immigration stopped. In their never ending attempt to make certain that nothing gets done while President Obama is in office, House Republicans are doing what they do on most major issues: Nothing.

“Late Friday afternoon, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) leaked word to The Associated Press that there weren’t enough days on the legislative calendar to vote on immigration in 2013 — just 16 days remain. McCarthy’s office confirmed the report to TPM moments later,” reported TPM.

With only 47 pieces of legislation passed through the House that have become law, the do-nothing Congress continues to live up to its name.  Republicans would seem set  on making sure that Hispanic voters support Democrats as members gear up for 2014.  During the famous GOP “autopsy” after losing to President Obama in 2012, there was consensus that immigration would be  a key issue moving forward for Republicans.  Obviously, the message has not completely gotten through.  

Just last week, Republicans Ken Cuccinelli lost a close election for Governor to Democrat Terry McAuliffe.  Minority voters supported the Democrat by a large margin.