More Black Parents Home Schooling Their Children

More Black Parents Home Schooling Their Children


Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu for the Washington Informer

We hear so much about the plight of Black children and their low test scores. We have not heard that African American children who are home-schooled are scoring at the 82 percent in reading and 77 percent in math. This is 30 to 40 percent above their counterparts being taught in school. There is a 30 percent racial gap in schools, but there is no racial gap in reading if taught in the home and only a 5 percent gap in math.

What explains the success of African American students being taught by their parents? I believe that it’s love and high expectations.

I am reminded of Booker T. Washington High School. They were honored several years ago for producing the greatest turnaround as a Recovery school. The principal had the opportunity to pick and choose her staff and emphatically stated, “If you want to teach in this school, you must love the students.”

Researchers love proclaiming that the racial gap is based on income, marital status and the educational background of the parents. Seldom do they research the impact of love and high expectations.

Since the landmark decision of Brown vs. Topeka in 1954, there has been a 66 percent decline in African American teachers. Many African American students are in classrooms where they are not loved, liked or respected. Their culture is not honored and bonding is not considered. They are given low expectations — which helps to explain how students can be promoted from one grade to another without mastery of the content.

There are so many benefits to home schooling beyond academics. Most schools spend more than 33 percent of the day disciplining students. And bullying has become a significant issue.

One of every six Black males has been suspended before and large numbers are given Ritalin and placed in special-education classes. These problems seldom — if ever — exist in the home schooling environment.

Another major benefit is the summer months. Research shows that there is a three-year gap between White and Black students. Some students do not read or are involved in any academic endeavor during the summer. Those students lose 36 months, or three years if you multiply three months by 12 years (grades 1 -12). Home schooling parents do not allow academics to be forsaken for three months.

Finally, in the home schooling environment, parents are allowed to teach their children values. Large numbers of parents are teaching their children faith based morals and principals.

And many are teaching their children with the Africentric curriculum SETCLAE. These children are being taught such truths as Columbus did not discover America, Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves, Hippocrates was not the father of medicine and African history did not begin on a plantation, but on a pyramid.

Until public schools give more love, higher expectations, better classroom management, greater time on task throughout the entire year, values and the SETCLAE curriculum, we can expect to continue to see an increase in African American parents home schooling their children.