Voters recall Colorado Senators Morse and Giron

Voters recall Colorado Senators Morse and Giron


Voters in Colorado senate districts 3 and 11 voted to recall Democratic Senators Giron and Morse on Tuesday. At issue was a set of gun control laws that both senators supported in the last legislative session in Colorado.

56% of the voters voted to recall Senator Giron in Pueblo, and 50.9% voted to recall Senator Morse in Colorado Springs.

Giron told her supporters, “I’m a little perplexed. This is what I know: I know that I have not one iota of regret from what I voted on.”

Morse told reporters, “I do worry that now that a recall has been successful, it will become a political tactic for both sides.”

Usually, recalls are held to remove an elected official who failed to perform his duties or who has committed a gross malfeasance. This recall could discourage legislators from enacting gun control laws in other swing states or states that are moderately Democratic. Colorado is home to two of the major gun tragedies in modern times (Columbine school shooting and the Aurora theater shooting), but it has a strong rural heritage with hunters, ranchers and gun enthusiasts.