Black Agenda Report: Is Holder’s Focus on Mandatory Minimums Too Late?

Black Agenda Report: Is Holder’s Focus on Mandatory Minimums Too Late?


By Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report

Once or twice a year Eric Holder and/or the president discover police brutality, racial profiling, or the injustice of the drug war, or mass incarceration. Black America gets some sound bytes of “drive-by” concern, some noises about a study or a “policy change.” But 55 months into the Obama administration, when we compare the prez and attorney general’s words with their actions, black America looks like it’s been played.  Again.

After 55 months as US Attorney General, preceded by years as a remarkably vicious federal prosecutor, Eric Holder made what could have been a groundbreaking speech – if only he’d made it 50-some months ago and followed it up with four and half years of the persistent, wide ranging action needed to begin undoing and unraveling the prison state Let’s stand Eric Holder’s and this administration’s expressions of concern over mass incarceration alongside its actual record of exercising the power in its hands. When we do, Eric Holder looks a lot like a lying hypocrite, and the administration looks like it’s playing black America for a nation of chumps.



  1. All the rhetoric and deck chair shuffling isn’t going to help until the remove the federal grants for drug arrests because they earn the grants on arrests,,not convictions,,so even if a prosecutor removes the mandatory minimums our courts and jails will still be full of people going through the machine.
    The bounty money for drug arrests and seizure laws have created a lottery for police,,the right bust could earn their agency hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and seized properties with one catch,,it must be spent on more drug war which means more arrests for more drug duns for more war on drugs,,etc.
    The war on drugs has become a self feeding cancer in our society and it must be cut out before it consumes the host.

    • Greatly stated!… And, as the grandmother of the 23 year old Africa American young man… I say “better late than never”, someone has got to do something to stop the injustice going on. I hope that the President and Mr. Holder does not stop fighting for the African American community in America just because they are no longer at the “People’s House” in Washington DC. The President has a huge following and he will be 1000 times more powerful after he leaves “satan’s den with all those white congressmen” our fight is just beginning… and we as a people will WIN!