It’s Time to Repeal Stand Your Ground

It’s Time to Repeal Stand Your Ground


Philadelphia Tribune Editorial

The controversial Stand Your Ground self-defense laws in Florida and other states are coming under increased attack.

Entertainers Stevie Wonder and Jay Z said they will no longer perform in Florida until the law is repealed.

Last week the mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin issued a call to action against Stand Your Ground in remarks at the National Urban League conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Sybrina Fulton attacked Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws which she said “prevented the person who shot and killed my son to be held accountable and to pay for his awful crime.”

A jury acquitted neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman of all criminal counts in the slaying of the unarmed 17-year-old. Martin was shot and killed during a confrontation with Zimmerman that has sparked a national debate about Stand Your Ground laws in Florida and other states.

At the league’s annual conference, Fulton asked people to “wrap your mind around what has happened.”

“No prom for Trayvon. No high school graduation for Trayvon. No college for Trayvon. No grandkids coming from Trayvon,” she said. “All because of a law, a law that has prevented the person who shot and killed my son to be held accountable and to pay for this awful crime.”

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict President Barack Obama is questioning whether the laws contribute to peace and security and “order we want to see.”

Obama questioned whether Martin would have been found justified in shooting Zimmerman if he’d been of age and armed.

Some conservatives have called for African-American to embrace Stand Your Ground laws as a response to racism and urban violence. This is a cynical proposal that should not be taken seriously. Are conservatives really arguing that the solution to gun violence is more guns? What would be the state of race relations in this country if there was a sudden surge in African Americans buying guns and ammunition?

While we support the right to self-defense and the constitutional right to own guns, increasing the number of guns on the street is not a solution to crime.

The president offered a more reasonable proposal when he suggested that communities consider in the wake of the verdict, more training for law enforcement on race issues as well as legislation he passed as a state senator in Illinois against racial profiling.

Urgent action is needed to repeal Stand Your Ground laws in Florida and other states.


  1. The time has come to Repeal Stand Your Ground: Boycott Goals, Timelines, and Targets Needed 101. ”First progress the Starting Point from Stevie Wonder and Heighten Awareness by making sure whether in New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles or Seattle.” A World-Wide Movement…Black Community gets The Word Out.” Second figuire out a time period.”Are we going to do this on a regular basis,and who are we really going after?” Are you going after Stand Your Ground, or if you’re saying we’re not going to Buy Orange Juice.” We’re not going to Buy Grapefruits, there’s a Market Segment that agrees with us on This Stand Your Ground,” that’s going to be Wiped Out and that’s Migrant Workers in Florida, a Hispanic Community;”Dr. Kimbro said…Black, White, Brown and Asian…”Use everyone concerned about this problem and Amenable to Boycotting to Map Out an Effective Stragedy, he continued.’ Reverend Jesse Jackson, has argued for Stopping Conventions and Boycotting Florida as an ”Apartheid State…[Rev.Al Sharpton has not issued an official position].”Rev. Tulloss said many have indicated Small Boycotts are already taking place, such as Not Buying Orange Juice…”But a real dialogue must occur between those for and those against a Boycott in order to determine The Real Costs to The Masses, The Loss to Black Allies in Florida, and any Potential Impact, he said.” A National Boycott would Impact Many People, Particularly in Florida, but any Effective Out Come would Require Sacrifice; which is Part of The Struggle he continued…”I just hope The Community Remains Engaged Around Trayvon Martin and The Calls for The Department of Justice to Investigate…”And Continue to Serve Our Community.”

  2. The time has Come to Repeal Stand Your Ground: Boycott Goals, Timelines, and Targets Needed 101.”An International Boycott of South Africa forced The End of Apartheid, A Legalized System of Racial Segregation in which The White Minority Ruled and Discriminated Against The Black Majority.” Similarly With The Montgomery Bus Boycott, it was Blacks Boycotting The White Power Structure and White Owners vof Busses that Directly Affected The Races.” Dr.Alford Noted.” We’d Rather Walk Than to do Business With Them…”When its Clear Cut Like That, it Works…”Unity Works.”We Should Own Our Own Businesses and Put Our Money in Our Own Communities Dr. Kimbro stated,” The Black Community Still has a Lot of Economic Work to do…”Sometimes Objectives are Met and Sometimes Compromise becomes Necessary but at The End of The Day Objectives Must be Solidified, he said…”In this Case,that means Deciding Whether its to Repeal Stand Your Ground, Heighten Awareness, or Target Black Spending Habits,he said.”