DC: House’s Bill Cuts Funding and Includes Anti-Abortion Provisions

DC: House’s Bill Cuts Funding and Includes Anti-Abortion Provisions


By the Washington Informer

A House Appropriations Committee released a fiscal 2014 spending bill Tuesday that eliminates $40 million of federal funding earmarked for the District.

The $17 billion bill provides annual funding for the District and several government agencies, including the Treasury Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The total is $4.3 billion less than the fiscal 2013 budget

“This bill right-sizes federal agencies and programs that are simply not working efficiently or effectively, while investing in programs that directly serve the American people. From helping to prevent future inappropriate actions by the Internal Revenue Service, to encouraging small business growth, to halting wasteful or unnecessary government spending, the bill ensures that tax dollars are used wisely and where they are needed the most, ” said committee chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.).

Though funds to the city have been cut, two longstanding provisions were including in the bill that stipulates that the District cannot use funds, federal or otherwise, to pay for abortions. The city also cannot use federal funds for needle-exchange or medical marijuana programs.

The bill would give the District $636 million in federal funding, $40 million less than the fiscal 2013 mark. There will be $54 million set aside for the Scholarship for Opportunity and Results Act, which provides scholarships to low-income students in DC to attend private schools.