The Speaker’s Lobby: Whisper Campaign

The Speaker’s Lobby: Whisper Campaign


By Chad Pergram, FOX News

At a young age, we learn  that something’s wrong when adults go in the back and start whispering. Children might not know exactly what went down. But they know there’s bad news.

A loved one died. Someone is missing. There was a fire. But they whisper. Things become very hushed. Not a tranquil quiet. But a restive, uncomfortable one.


The House of Representatives’ chamber was its usual clamorous self Thursday afternoon as lawmakers sped through a lengthy vote sequence on amendments to the farm bill. Members dashed in and out during a “lightning round” of two minute roll call votes, squeezing in brief calls on their iPhones in the Speaker’s Lobby. Aides scurried about, briefing members on amendments. Some raucous shouts of “hurry up!” and “regular order” emanated from impatient lawmakers as the House hurtled toward a final up-or-down vote on the farm measure.

Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) presided over the House, launching the last vote with a rap of the gavel. The gigantic, electronic screens bearing the surname of each House member sparked to life. Neon green “Y’s” and red “N’s” burst suddenly onto the board next to the names, denoting how each lawmaker voted.  see entire post here