No Jobs Bill But House Debates Abortion Bill That Will Never Become...

No Jobs Bill But House Debates Abortion Bill That Will Never Become Law


Jobs? All morning this morning the House Judiciary Committee debated what everyone knows is another waste of time bill that will never be signed into law.  Though many in the GOP asked “where are the jobs” during the 2010 election cycle that ended with them capturing the House majority, now the question could easily be: Where is the jobs bill?

Abortion obsessed Republican Rep. Trent Franks, who has brought up an endless string of never-to-become-law abortion related legislation over the years, is back again.  Today the House Judiciary Committee debated the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act all morning and is set to continue arguing on amendments late into the afternoon.  That the Senate would take up, or that the President would actually sign, Franks’ bill hasn’t stopped Franks from burning committee hours to nurse his obsession.  A similar bill offered by Franks failed last Congress — even with Republicans in the majority.

To date, no one can remember if the same amount of time has been utilized during the last six months on what everyone says is the number one issue in politics: jobs.   Other than releasing statements to the monthly jobs numbers, Republicans controlling the House appear content to play offense as the White House plays defense on the issue.


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