Media Obsessed with John Boehner’s Black Son-in-Law

Media Obsessed with John Boehner’s Black Son-in-Law


“House Speaker John Boehner’s new son-in-law is a Jamaican-born, dreadlock-sporting 38-year-old who was once busted for possessing marijuana… Mr. Lakhan wore a gray suit and dreadlocks that fell to his waist,” The Daily News said.

“He was reportedly busted during a 2006 traffic stop in Florida after police discovered four grams of marijuana in his ashtray,” wrote the Washington Times.  Dominic Lakhan, a Jamaican-born construction worker from Florida was arrested on for misdemeanor possession in 2006.

The brief story focused only on two things: That Speaker Boehner’s son-in-law is black and has a rap sheet.

“Boehner’s Jamaican-Born Future Son-In-Law Has Rap Sheet for Weed,” a April 25 headline in NewsOne read. “he Republican politician is about to be known for something else: his weed-toting son-in-law Dominic Lakhan (pictured), who has a colorful rap sheet to take with him to the altar,” the NewsOne story borrowed from the U.K. Daily Mail.

“May their marriage last as long as his … dreadlocks,” wrote the New York Daily News on May 13.  The New York Daily News also took the time to post a “incident report” first run in the National Inquirer that doesn’t even have Lakhan’s name on it.

“According to 2010 Census data released Wednesday that reflect sharp increases in the percentages of people of different races who are married or live together. Among opposite-sex married couples, one in 10 (5.4 million couples) are interracial, a 28% jump since 2000,” reported USA Today a year ago.


  1. This story was, comparatinely, as in adequate as the ones it listed. Is he An American citizen? How long has he lived in the U.S.? Where or how did they meet? Is the story here, really, only, race and crime?